Thursday, June 23, 2011

Different = Good

Day 166

We have had many discussions lately - both Phil and I and the kids and I about people being different.  I am so tired of people judging everyone.  I know - unfair of me to say as I do it too, but that doesn't make it right.  Different is good.  I blogged - well ranted - the other day about a comment someone made on the radio and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. 

I spent the first 11 years of my life living near Flint.  It was a pretty diverse area - well sort of.  My first boyfriend was *gasp* not white.  Guess what it didn't matter. My mom didn't care.  None of my family commented on it - at least not where I could hear.  Know what else?  I love him with all of my heart and soul to this day.  

I think when you have kids you automatically picture where you think you want them to be when they grow up.  Obviously, as they get older you realize it's not really about what you want and you learn to roll with it.  Most of us or at least some of us realize that it doesn't really matter who they end up with or if they get married as long as they are happy and treated well.  It doesn't matter if Jay marries a hispanic girl, black girl, Chinese girl - I DON'T CARE as long as he is happy.  Same goes for Meg.  

Different = good if you give it half a chance...

The Good Ole' Days

Day 165

I can't believe I forgot to post this one.  This picture was so insanely important to me!  It brings back so many fabulous memories...

When I was a kid, the dance studio I attended was in Flushing.  I loved that dance studio - and in all honestly was looking for a replica of it when I found Dance Fusion.  I digress.  Dance was the absolute highlight of my week.  In the spring time, after dance as long as the weather was decent, mom would take me over to the A & W and we would get dinner.  I always thought (and still do) that the whole ordering from the car and having them bring the tray to the window was the COOLEST thing ever!!!  

There's a couple of A & W's around here but I don't know that they have this little luxury that I find so fabulous.  I did find one - not anywhere close to me - and when we went, it happened to be super freezing cold outside and the wind was whipping around like crazy.   In the end, it was TOTALLY worth it...

Mama said there'd be days like this...

Day 164

Need I say more?

Growing Up

Day 163

Can I just tell you how much parenting sucks?  I'm not even referring to the arguments with the kids or spouse about the kids.  I'm talking about watching them grow up.  It hurts.  A few months ago I sat in the car and almost cried my eyes out when I realized that in 5 years my daughter will be coming home for Christmas - as in no longer living in my house.  

I think it hits me more with Meg right now because she is older.  Jay is still my baby.  Meg, though, is definitely growing up.  She's still a goof - THANK GOD.  But, she's a growing up goof.  She's found out recently that she's pretty blessed to have a million aunts.  Actually, she's just pretty happy that one of them is close enough to her age and size that she gets hand-me-downs.  Sheesh, I remember when I hated getting hand-me-downs unless they were from my Aunt Nancy.  This is kind of the same thing.  Ellen is to Megan what Nancy was to me.  It's that older, wiser, more mature and worldly idolization.  To be honest, I don't think Meg could have picked a better idol.  My sister Ellen has grown into a beautiful young woman.

The only flaw with the hand-me-downs...
my little girl gets lost in this beautiful grown up girl :(


Day 162

There are reasons that I say that there is no other man on the planet that could put up with me.  I am high maintenance and moody and needy and have a bazillion and twelve pet peeves and stupid little quirks of my own.  I, honestly, don't know how Phil does it.  I'm pretty annoying - I even manage to annoy myself.  

Anyhoo, one of my quirks involves candy.  I blogged about my OCD with M&M's previously.  Here's another quirk....
That would be what is left of a Twix bar.  Yep, I have to eat all of the chocolate off first - and then clear the whole damn thing of caramel and then when it's all nice and clean, then I can eat the rest.  Weird?  Absolutely.  Me?  To a T.

Guilty Pleasures: Take 2

Day 161

Right, so I believe in a previous post, I discussed guilty pleasures in regard to old TV shows or hot actors or something along those lines.  Let's go with guilty pleasures in regard to music this time, shall we?  I love music.  I like to think that I have a wide variety of music that I listen to.  I like most music.  Not a fan of screamo (which I mentioned in another post) but I like most music.  I have to admit I laughed when this song came on the radio - and it took me a minute to figure out who the band wad (cut me some slack it was early in the morning)...

What is really sad about this - is that I have NKOTB on cassette tape AND I have the holiday album (on cassette of course).  I'm not ashamed of that - even remotely.  I loved NKOTB.  My shame is because I also own at least one BSB cd.  Ugh - that is a sin, I know.  I'm sorry.  That's worse than owning the first Britney album.  I won't share that I also have N'Sync and 98 degrees.  Oh shit, I just did.


Day 160

I can't help it.  I know she's going to be pissed beyond belief, but these are photo opportunities that I won't get forever.  We went through a spell where she wouldn't read at all.  It was literally a huge fight to get her to pick up a book.  Now, (thankfully) we're back to this...

Is there anything more beautiful or precious than your child falling asleep while reading a book?!?!?  I think not.  

I love this girl!

Utter hatred

Day 159

I keep thinking as I get older that there will come a point when I do not despise myself.  I'm always wrong, but it's a positive thought - or an attempt at a positive thought.  The damn shame is that I have become vain in a bad way.  I am so obsessive about how I look - and the thing is, it's not that I think that I look good, it's the opposite.  I am never happy with how I look.  So, I take pictures of myself and hope that they will turn out...

Of course, in my eyes they never do.  Maybe one day I will learn to stop taking pictures.  Ugh.  Maybe someday I will get past this 13 year old girl mentality.  Maybe someday I won't care anymore.  Maybe.

Wascally Wabbits...

Day 158

I've complained about this little rascals before because it is inevitable that they will attempt to destroy my beloved lilies before the summer is over.  However, I cannot help but want to hug them and love them and kiss them and squeeze them and keep them for my very own.  Every morning when I open the garage door, one is waiting in just about the same spot waiting to say good morning...

Can you seem him all little and cute sitting down by the sidewalk?  He's skinnier than the one that greeted me yesterday morning - and not as brave, but cute all the same :)

You gotta be kidding me...

Day 157

Obviously I can't count, cuz this thing says I have 160 posts, but I only show 157 so I obviously screwed up somewhere.  Whatever.  Anyways, theme of the day - obnoxious rings.  Ok, mine is "cute" or nerdy, dorky, stupid, whatever.  But it made me think of the obnoxious rings I have seen some women wear lately.  I'm not talking teenagers - they get a pass because they are clueless teenagers.  I'm talking about grown women wearing these WAY too big gaudy rings.  What the hell?  Did I miss this fashion trend somewhere?  So, it's "cool" to wear cheap ass looking rings?  Pass.  I'll take a small attractive ring, thanks....or if I'm being a doofus, I'll take one of these...

wOrK iT!!!!!

Day 156

Oh hell yeah!!!!!!!  Remember the post many many moons ago about getting the basement ready?!?  Well, many thanks to Phillip, our basement did finally get ready and LOOK AT IT NOW!!!!!!!!

KICK ASS!!  Two total gyms, a couple pieces of equipment from Body by Jake, and 2 other pieces of equipment.  Our workout room is FANTASTIC!!!!  The best part is, we workout together.  The kids LOVE it as much as I do.  It's great time together and we're getting or in the kids' case staying healthy.  Couldn't be happier!!!!

Crack it open...

Day 155

Or not.  Anybody that knows me knows that I am a caffeine addict.  That said, the only way I take my caffeine is in the form of pop - either Coke (in a can) or Mt. Dew (in a bottle).  Stupid, eh?  It's just one of my quirky little issues.  I don't like the taste of Coke in a bottle.  It gets flat too fast and it's never cold enough.  Mt. Dew I can drink warm or cold so it doesn't matter, but I don't like the metallic taste of Dew in a can. 

This is what happens when I get Coke in a bottle -
See how much is gone???  Yeah, that's all I drank.  I no likey...what a waste.

NOT my friend...

Day 154

I know I have totally fallen down on this project.  I've gotten so bad that I take the pictures, but don't label them so they are so grossly out of order it's not funny.  At this point, I'm just going to post them out of order.  Whatever, it's my project and I can screw it up however I want. 

Right, so, I have always known that the sun is not my friend.  I am notorious for sunburns.  That's pretty much why I started buying tanning packages.  I have found if I get a decent base tan, I don't burn.  Well, I didn't feel like spending the money to get a tanning package this year - nevermind that I didn't have the time to go tan anyways.  So, here's what happens...

That would be my (nasty and disgustingly large) leg.  And that is what happens when I sit IN THE DAMN SHADE.  Yeah, the leg looks good compared to the rest of me.  Ugh.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fat A$$

Day 153

Why am I so fat?  Well, there are multiple reasons for this...too much Mt. Dew, lack of exercise, fat genes, love of food, AND....
Isn't that great?  The office manager felt bad for us as we no longer have the pharmacy down the hall to run to for a snack as they moved a month or two ago.  So, she decided to hook us up.  Not only did she buy this yummy goodness, she's also only charging us a minimal ($0.65) fee to purchase.  Ugh, did I mention lack of self control in my list of why I'm fat???


Day 152

So, I was standing at a baseball game and had just come back from the foul, disgusting, death trap of a porta-potty.  I thought I saw movement behind these sheds...

I did.  If you look closely, you will see a hole.  I happened to notice a large furry behind crawling in there.  I tried to snap his picture when he poked his head out, but I missed (multiple times).  He was cute in a creepy rodent kind of way.

Creeper Alert...

Day 151

We are a family of people watchers - it's what we do.  Yes, I can be incredibly mean, but I prefer to think of it as brutally honest.  This trait has been passed onto my daughter - not so much Jay as he is the nice one of all of us.  Anyway, we were traveling from somewhere to somewhere and were stopped at a stoplight.  She was kind enough to point out that there was a creeper next to us...

Need the definition of a creeper??  Just look at the picture - weird kid, bad sideburns, slouched over to the side, brooding eyes.  Yeah, that's a creeper.

EYEm watching you ;)

Day 150

Looking back at some of these pictures, I can see where it might appear that I am a very vain person.  I'm not...well, I guess I am, but not in the way most might think.  I am very very critical of my appearance and am 98% of the time pretty unhappy with it.  

That said, there are a couple of features that I am ok with and choose to accentuate whenever possible.  I love this picture.  I took it purposely to see what I could do with it.  I love my eyes - that's not conceit as I did not say my eyes are prettier than yours.  I just happen to like mine.

It looks like a bu....

Day 149

What the hell is that????
That, my friends, is a Picasso.  Do you know what it is and where in my house it hangs???

*sigh of relief*

Day 148

When your advisor tells you "these are the hardest two classes you will take and the average grade is a B-" you should be very afraid.  I survived the first class with an A.  The second class damn near to killed me.  I was nothing but a great big ball of stress.  I was bitchy and emotional and truly did not think I was going to survive.  Here's part of the problem...

I know it's blurry.  I also know that you haven't a clue what it is.  Let me tell you - that is a list of the assignments due in the last week of class.  Doesn't seem like much, right?  Here's the problem - it was truly the class from hell.  I have no clue what the hell I learned over 5 weeks and spent so much time lost and in tears that looking at this list of things to do for the final week almost killed me.  The discussion questions were no big deal.  The individual assignment directly following the discussion questions was also no big deal.  I can write circles around people, so writing a paper is no big deal.  The E-text, online practice, final exam, quiz, and team paper were the things that I stressed about.

I don't have my grades back yet.  At this point (knowing what I got on the final exam), I'd be TOTALLY ok with a C-.

XM Radio

Day 147

I love music.  I like most music.  There's some that I absolutely cannot stand - screamo, but other than that, there's not much that I don't like.  When we bought the Equinox 2 years ago, it came with a 90 free trial of XM radio.  I figured we'd use up the free trial and be done with it.  Right.  Have you met me?  I get used to something and I won't let go.  So, the 90 days came and went and we still have XM radio (read: Jamie is a spoiled brat).  It's not like it costs that much or that it would have saved us that much money had we dumped it, it's just that it's really not necessary.  

EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT IT IS.  Yup, so those nights when we were driving and the game was on??  Yes, yes XM did have a station where we could listen.

I also get to hear some songs far sooner than if I was listening to just the regular Lansing area stations.  This is not one that I heard oh-so-much sooner, however, it is my current favorite song...

What's YOUR favorite flower?

Day 146

I love spring.  Partially cuz it gets warm, partially because it means more sunshine and partially because of the flowers.  I love flowers.  My favorite flowers are lilies.  I love almost every lily out there.  Roses have never been my thing.  Although, by all rights, they probably should be since they are just like me.  Roses are prickly and high maintenance and only bloom when they feel like it.  Eh, I have a love/hate relationship with them.  They are pretty, but they are a bitch to try and grow.

Well, while searching for something to brighten up my little flower bed out front, I found a rosebush.  The thing is, it's not your typical doesn't need to be watered 11 times a day and fed breakfast, elevensies, lunch, snack, supper, dinner, and dessert.  It's the perfect kind of rosebush for me - LOW maintenance.  I was a bit skeptical when I planted it, but it's proven to be exactly what it said - low maintenance mini-roses and I think they are beautiful.

How many sisters do you have???

Day 145

I get that question a lot.  Normal people respond with an average number - 2 or 3 or maybe even 4.  Most do not respond with 8 (living).  That's when the mouths drop open immediately followed by the "you're lying" and "no way."  *sigh* Yes way, and no I'm not lying.  There's a crapton of us and we are all well aware of the fact that there are probably more that we don't know about.  I don't much care to know anymore - it would just be one more damn birthday to remember, it's hard enough as it is! 

Anyhoo, we've had our issues over the years.  Some of us get along better than others.  Some of us talk more than others.  The thing is, for the most part, we're pretty tight.  I love them - all, with my entire heart and soul.

Here's a couple of them chilling with me while we waited for the others to show up...


Day 144

Yep, that's my sissy.  Yep, we're special.

Don't hate.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angels watching over

Day 143

Most people that know me know my story.  I've got 1 or 2 (or 14 or 15) angels watching over me.  Most of these angels became angels at a pretty young age.  Good friends also know other things about me - like when things are special to me, I cherish them.  Phil gave me a necklace for our first anniversary.  It wasn't anything spectacular - just a gold chain.  I loved that chain and I think in almost 11 years I took it off a grand total of about 4 times.  Three of those 4 times I managed to break the clasp.  Well, (I believe I blogged about this) my cherished necklace finally bit the dust.  I have to admit, for a while, I was pretty lost without it.  It was like my safety.  Some people twirl their hair or bite their nails as a nervous habit.  I played with my necklace.  

For Christmas, he did not buy me a replacement, as you can't replace that.  He bought me a new necklace.  I don't wear it religiously as I did the other one because this one is a little flashier.  This one, though, is special in and of itself.  Makes me feel like my angels are right with me.


Day 142

Everybody needs to get mooned every once in a while.  YOUR TURN!

Gimme Summa Dat!

Day 141

So, I just noticed that I do a lot of posting about food.  That's a shame, but it could also explain why I'm such a lard ass, eh?  Whatever.  I've blogged about the food at work a few times and that we occasionally order out.  We love Panera but they almost always screw up our order.  Well, we decided to try it again...
Looks disgusting doesn't it?!?!  It's Panera's broccoli cheddar soup in a sourdough bread bowl.  I have no idea why I order it this way because I never actually eat the bread bowl - WAYYYY too much bread even for me, but it's how I order it and I absolutely love it.  The flaw?  That shit sticks witcha - I end up burping broccoli cheddar soup for days.  TMI?  Guess what  - I don't care.

Ahhhh freedom of the feet

Day 140

K, so, I love spring/summer.  Why?  Well, cuz I get to wear all the sweet sandals I have.  I am definitely a shoe freak, but mostly just spring/summery shoes and the darn shame is, I usually only wear them to work - but at least I wear them, right?!?!  Anyhoo, one of the recent sweltering hot days, I was admiring my feet...

I'm not a fan of feet - actually I find them kind of gross and I don't like it when people touch mine, but still, I had to give you an idea of my favorite kind of summery shoe.  These are quite fantastic as they make me taller.  When you're 5'3 being taller is kind of fun sometimes :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 139

Ok, so I realize I just posted a rather scathing blog about birds shitting all over my car, but there are times when I like birds too.  Not when they are chirping outside my window when I'm sleeping or when they are dive bombing my head in the garage, but they are pretty!  I remember as a kid, I used to want to be like Snow White.  Eh, I digress.  This picture I took at a friend's house.  On the side of his garage, there is some fencing or something and lookie there right on top...
I couldn't get as close as I wanted to - was afraid the momma bird would dive bomb me and I'm pretty sure it was the weekend so I wasn't going to be able to go to the ER to have momma bird's beak removed from my skull, but inside that cute little nest are 3 baby birds.
All together now....awwwwwwwww.

*bends over*

Day 138

It is a sad sad day when I get excited about gas being $3.67 per gallon.  What's even more pitiful is that I was incredibly happy that it "only" cost me $67.70 to fill my car with gas.  What the hell?  I remember when I had the Grand Am (remember the Grand Am, girls?!?!!? Good times, right!!!) it cost me about $15 to fill it.  Now, granted, the Equinox has a bigger tank, but REALLY?!?!?!?!  $67.70.  Just sign me up for the po' house, please.  


Day 137

I miss being able to call Lance and tell him the air/heat isn't working right in the office.  It was so much easier to get crap taken care of when I had someone I could just shoot a text to!  Our office is screwed up.  It's generally sweltering hot in the winter and freezing frickin cold in the summer.  It never makes sense.  For example...
I clearly have the damn thing set at 80 fricking degrees.  See the little yellow marker?!?!?  Right, but when I walked into the office it was like 65 degrees (see the little red marker) and the damn thing was STILL blowing cold air.  Good thing I carry my winter coat, gloves and blanket to work on days when it's 85 outside.


*signed* Freezing 

Ex-Wives Club

Day 136

I am an odd person.  This I know as fact.  I make friends with people that I probably shouldn't and people that it seems weird for me to make friends with.  There are times that I have made friends with people who in the end have screwed me over, but then there are those times when I make friends with people who change my life.

What seems like a lifetime ago, I met this woman in Texas.  We had spoken on the phone many times over the span of a year or two, but we had never met.  We knew a lot about each other but weren't the best of friends.  She picked me (and 3 other people that she didn't know) up from an airport and opened her heart and her arms to me.  She took me site seeing in Texas and came to my daughter's gymnastics meet. 

We grew to be very good friends - best friends actually.  We talked on the phone all the time after that visit and the following summer she and her son came to visit.  Melissa is Phil's ex-wife.  

I've met some pretty amazing people in my life and I've got some great friends.  This woman, however, made a huge impact on me and I miss her more than I let on.  Her strength and her love of life never ceased to amaze me.  I know that she is in a better place now, but that doesn't change the fact that I miss her.

Love you, Melly!


Day 135

Megan has some crazy friends.  For the most part, I love them.  Some I love more than others.  At a track meet recently, one of her friends was "starving."  So, I gave said child a couple bucks and she went to get some snacks.  I had to laugh because she does the same thing I do.  Yes, I realize what I'm about to tell you will just reinforce the fact that everyone thinks I'm a big kid and I don't care.  

When I have a food or drink that I am afraid someone is going to want to steal, I lick it.  Again, I know this is juvenile, but damn STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY FOOD/DRINK!  Anyway, this particular child got some airheads and her lovely friends (probably my daughter) felt the need to try and steal them.  

Said child then licked the wrapper.  I laughed because it was so like me, but then she took it to a whole new level.  She stuck the airheads down the back of her sweats.  My question to her then was, does that make them buttheads now?

Here is said wrapper after the airhead/butthead had been consumed.

The Hungryman

Day 134

From time to time we order out for lunch at work.  Yes, there is a cafeteria in the hospital, but after working their for almost 9 years (holy shit, has it been that long?!?!) it gets old.  Don't get me wrong, there are some meals that we just don't miss - fried shrimp, beef nachos, and the baked potato bar specifically, but there are other days - liver and onions, lasagna, when it's just gross.

Anyhoo, we all like Mexican food.  We probably like it a little too much.  There's a lil' Mexican restaurant not far from us that delivers.  They have this burrito - it's called the hungryman.  I don't usually order it because it's so frickin big.  I, honestly, don't know any person on this planet that could finish this thing.  It's as big as my butt - and I'm not exaggerating.  Look and see...

The part that's gone - yea, that's about all I could eat.

McDonald's French Fries???

Day 133

Right, so, I get out of my car to walk into work one fine sunny morning.  Might I just add that my car was recently washed.  I opened up the back door to grab my bag of work goodies. Just as I was going to close the door this happened...
Ok, first of all, I was pissed that my car was JUST washed.  Why does that ALWAYS happen?!?!?  Are clean cars just big toilets for birds?  WTF???  Secondly, this was like 2 seconds shy of landing on my arm.  Can you just imagine how "happy" I would have been had this landed on my arm???  I certainly do wish that birds would drop their digested McDonald's fries somewhere else.


Day 132

Could I be anymore behind?!?!?  I think not.  Anyhoo, here we go again.  So, with all the stinking rain we have had lately, it's been reeking havoc on my kitchen floor.  Why?  Well....
No, those are not poop stains on my floor.  Those are dog foot prints and to be honest, the stupid picture does not do it justice.  We spent DAYS constantly swiftering the floor because every time she went outside she came back in a muddy disgusting mess.  Ugh.  I sure do wish she would learn how to wipe her paws...