Sunday, June 17, 2012


Do you remember your first love?  I'm not talking your first true love as an adult, I'm talking your first love.  I do.  His name was David.  Oh how I loved that boy.  I loved that boy from 4th grade to 8th grade and probably even longer than that.  I still love that boy - just not like I did back then. Like with every relationship, you get to know other parts of their lives, including their family.  Thankfully, in this case, I got another mom that even now - 26 years later is still my other mom.  I still call her mom.  I still love her like my other mom.  And thanks to facebook, I keep in better contact with her now than I did for many years.  


This is my sister.  Which one?  The youngest one.  She's just a baby.  Just 21.  She makes me feel old.  She's also a runner - a kick ass runner.  This girl runs marathons.  Not only does she run marathons, she KICKS ASS!  I love her.


It is entirely quite possible that I may be related to this girl, however, I am not certain since I see her only a few times per year.  She MIGHT be a cousin.


This is sort of a cheat too, but since I can't actually physically go see him right now and I wanted a picture with him, this will have to do.  This is my brand spanking new nephew.  Isn't he beautiful?!?!?!


There are two very interesting people in this picture.  One is my aunt and the other is Joanna Hernian.  You might mistake Joanna for me, but I assure you, it is Joanna.


This is the other of the two nieces we inherited when my sister got married.  Love this girl to pieces!!!!


I don't know what to say about this woman.  There are so many people that have influenced my life but few have influenced me as much as this woman has.  Please let me introduce my grandmother.

She is truly my other mother.  I half jokingly refer to myself as her youngest child.  I am, in fact, her eldest grandchild.  I have caused so much havoc in her life it is not even relatively funny.  She has held my hand when I needed her and even when I didn't.  She has supported ever decision - stupid or not - I have ever made.  She was one of the many who helped teach me how to read and shared with me the importance of education.  She came to so many of my school events - choir and band concerts, cross country and track meets, endless dance recitals and disastrous gymnastics meets.  I have a chosen few true heroes in my life.  This woman is one of them.  I don't think she understands just how important she is to me or how much I love her, but she is and I do!