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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who's spoiled??

Day 208

Yep, that would be me.  I'm spoiled rotten - but not rotten to the core ;-)  I've always been spoiled.  Even as a little girl when we had no money I was spoiled.  Before Eric and Angel came for their visit, I had been looking at new phones.  For a while I wanted an iPhone.  Then I looked at how much more it was going to cost me every month and I balked and quit looking at them.  Then, I determined that it was time for Jay to have a phone.  Why?  Well, we got Meg her phone when she was going into 5th grade.  We got it for her because she was going to be home before us by herself and we don't have a land line.  Jay needs a phone because I call Phil and he doesn't answer so I call Meg and she doesn't answer.  I know Jay will answer.

So begins the working to get me a new phone and Jay to have mine.  Wellllll........

mission accomplished.  I got me my fancy new phone and Jay got my old one.  He's in hog heaven and I, well, I am trying to figure out how to work this damn thing.  "Smartphone" my ass.  Gah, I'm sure at some point I will figure it out.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Day 207

Our house has two full bathrooms.  The downstairs bathroom has a bathtub but no shower.  We pretty much only use it for the toilet and sink.  It's right off the guest room so it makes it pretty convenient when we have guests and it's also pretty convenient cuz we spend most of our time in the family room which is on the same level.  

Well, when we first moved in, we found a "pet" in the bathtub.  It was a lovely little (dead) spider that I decided to name Fred.  Weird?  Yes, but that's me.  I had every intention of cleaning him out of there but then it became like a standing joke in our house.  The kids all knew "Fred" and would "check on him" whenever they went to the bathroom.

Before Eric and Angel came to visit us here roughly 2 years ago, we decided it was time to lay Fred to rest as I wasn't sure how much Eric and Angel would appreciate Fred's presence in the bathroom they would be using.  There's a bit of a story behind Fred's "burial" that I will share another time, but to keep this relatively short, Fred was removed from the bathtub.

The other day, my children informed me that we have a new friend in that same bathtub in almost the same spot....

Please say hello to my new friend, Fred II.  He's still alive(ish).  He hasn't moved much and as I am a bit of a weirdo - I'm leaving him there.  It makes me laugh :)  So, don't be disturbed if you use my downstairs bathroom and see this little guy in the happy that it's him in the tub and not my "friend" Bob.  Do you know Bob??

Friday, July 29, 2011


Day 206

I know a few people who have vanity plates on their cars.  I have seen many vanity plates.  I also know a few incredibly vain people - oh wait, that's for another blog.  Anyway, while minding my own business and driving to work today, I came across this one...

Ok, so I'm a pretty obnoxious judgmental person.  We all know this, right? Good, so here's the thing.  I love the smurfs too.  No, really, I do.  I grew up on the cartoon and still watch it On Demand thru Comcast when it's available.  But here's the thing - a vanity plate?  Really?  Good grief - whatever, to each their own, right?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More babies

Day 205

K, yeah, I'm a collector.  I'm better now than I used to be.  But I have about a bazillion collections.  Just ask Phil.  I have troll plates and trolls (the old school norfin trolls).  I have spoons and carousel horses.  I have light houses.  I don't collect any of those anymore.  As a matter of fact, I only have a few things that I still pretty religiously collect.  I collect bells - that's my first collection ever and I love them.  I also still collect the holiday barbie every year and have for 20 years.  My most recent and final collection is Snowbabies.  Oh how I love them.  I think they are precious.

So, my anniversary was yesterday and we don't usually get each other anything other than a card.  Romantic, right?  Whatever, it is what it is.  So, imagine my surprise when I got a present...

Awwww, I love it - and yeah, I cried a little.  Shut up.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sometimes it's just the scenery

Day 204

End of the season

Day 203

Ahh, I love baseball.  I don't know if I've always loved it or if it's just since I've gotten older.  I know that I grew up around it but never played.  I love watching Jay play.  He was on a stellar team this year with amazing coaches and teammates.  It's been a great season and I'm sad that it's over.  I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little relieved as it seemed to be a long season and I was ready for some down time, but that doesn't mean I don't miss it.  We were on a team with an all around great group of people.  And I got some killer pictures....

That's my boy....

Rotten kids

Day 202

So, Megan is a lot like me.  Normally for pictures she sticks out her tongue or makes some weird face.  It's what we do.  I know what my reasons are for making faces, not sure what her reasons are, but whatever.  It's fun.  The problem is that sometimes I want a serious picture - or not exactly serious but a nice picture.  You know, the ones where the tongues are not hanging out or eyes crossed.  Right, so I tried to get one of my loves...

Go figure.  I finally get her to quit making faces and now I have to deal with the younger trouble maker.  Darned kids.

Family Pics

Day 201

I'm a picture whore.  Pretty sure we have established this multiple times.  I like pictures.  I like to be able to look back and see how people have changed and remember the crazy good times.  I also like family pictures.  This year I decided to wait on family pictures until the whole family was here (i.e. Eric and Angel).  I have to admit we had a blast.  It was scorching hot and we were all sweating buckets - really, we were.  But for moments such as these....

it's totally worth it.  Yeah, that's us bitching at each other....isn't it awesome?!?!?  I'm so going to frame that one.


Day 200

Right, so, it won't happen, but it's a thought.  Who doesn't want to be a millionaire or at least have the money to live comfortably and be able to flit off on some island vacation every now and then without first figuring out how many months of the mortgage you can skip before they start foreclosure paperwork. 

Oh shut up.  You've done it - and if you haven't, then you have far too much money to be reading this little poor girl's blog.  Go get a pedicure or something.  Anyway, for those of us who do struggle a bit, my mom found this book and was kind enough to get me a copy...

I don't know if it's any good.  Haven't done anything except glance at it yet.  Hopefully, sometime soon I will be able to read it and see if there are any wise words of wisdom for us hopeless saps.  I'll let ya know what I find out!  Until then, while you're robbing peter to pay paul, how bout you hook me up with a vaca to Hawaii??

Who said fat??

Day 199

Just thought I would stick with the lard ass theme....

If you have never eaten at Backyard BBQ, you need to get on it.  This is the pork wrap....obviously unwrapped.  It's the greatest creation ever....bbq'd pulled pork mixed with coleslaw in this killer fat warm pita type wrap.  Yeah - sheer and utter heaven.  The flaw - I can't even come close to finishing this and I'm sure I probably gained 8 pounds by just eating a quarter of it, but damn, it was so worth it.  

Why am I fat?

Day 198

I don't know....could be the cookie dough blizzards.  Although in all honesty, I don't eat ice cream all that much.  I think this is the first one I've ever finished and Phil still had to eat some of it.  But, it's summer time and Jay was itchin for a trip to Sweet Sensations.  Lord knows when that boy gets all cutesy with me, my heart melts.  So, of course, we had to go.  He even offered to sweet is that?!?!?!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby love

Day 197

Is there anything better than beautiful babies?  I think not.  I am so in love right now.  One of my bffs just had yet another beautiful baby girl. I had the pleasure of holding said beautiful baby yesterday. She is perfect.  She's got a full head of hair and these teeny scrawny little arms and legs and those cute little baby cheeks.  My favorite part though, is those tiny little hands.

I'm glad I'm done.  I don't miss the sleepless nights and the diapers and the ungodly expensive formula.  I do miss those moments when they are still inky dinky and curled up on my chest.  Or when they do the little gas giggles in their sleep.  Or those very first real smiles.  Those moments melt my heart.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful friends and family that are still having babies so when I have those moments when I start thinking again, that I can just go love one of theirs and then give the baby back :)

Fireman on a bike

Day 196

Right, so I'm not a huge fan of motorcycles.  Pretty sure everybody knows this.  I have my reasons - I just don't like them.  I don't care if others ride them...that's their prerogative.  That said, I cannot deny that some guys just look ultra sexy on a bike.  Yep, I'm one of "those girls."  You know, the ones that find the bad boys appealing.  Yeah, that's me.  So, I found this little hotty on my way to work...

Not just a bad boy on a bike - and he is a bit scrawny, but a FIREMAN on a bike.  Niiiiiiiiice.

Fun in the sun

Day 195

I talk about the garage crew all the time.  Probably because I spend a ton of time with them.  This weekend was no different - except for the fact that I got a new phone and therefore had to play with it.  Instead of hanging out in the garage like normal, we were hanging out on the porch.  Why?  It was too damn hot in the garage.  I like this picture....

Jamie looks annoyed and Crystal is apparently saying something not so friendly.  Hahaha, I love these people.

Yup, there it is

Day 194

Some of you may remember the shower curtain issue.  I kept meaning to take a picture of the new one.  Do we remember why I needed a new one?  Right, someone put the old one in the washer - which is fine.  The issue is that that same someone also opted to put it in the dryer - with no heat on of course, but in the dryer all the same.  The problem?  It was a plastic shower curtain.  

It's hard to find non-kid looking shower curtains to match a lime green bathroom, so I didn't bother looking for something that matched.  Instead, I went with something that will match the way I want the bathroom to look....nice, eh?  Yeah, I'm that good.


Day 193

I drove up to my house on a sweltering hot day to find this....

I always knew she was a little crazy, but I sure didn't expect her to kill Santa....*sigh*  Wonder which list she will be on this year?
Day 192

My kids are blessed.  I don't know that they realize it.  How many kids do?  But mine truly are - and I wish I could find some way for them to realize it.  

I never had the opportunity to hang out with my dad at a summer concert as a kid.  I never got to go for a walk or play a board game or watch a movie or play catch.  My dad didn't come see me dance or do gymnastics.  He never saw a track or cross country meet or a band or choir concert.  He wasn't even at my wedding. 

I'm not complaining - well, not really.  I had the absolute most perfect stand-in.  I had my grandfather who has been by far the most influential man in my entire life.  He is my hero.  He did all those things that my own father did not do.  And I love him for it - with all of my heart.

That does not change the fact that I did not have a "dad" to do things with - still don't.  My kids are blessed.  ALL of them.  Even if they don't realize it.  Their dad loves them all with every inch of his being and would do anything for them.  Including taking them to summer concerts.

Another Twofer

Day 191

Ok, I try to be at least semi-open minded about food.  No, I won't eat onions...I will starve to death before I will eat an onion, but I have no issue with people who eat them (unless they eat them and then expect a big fat kiss....right, keep dreaming).  What I don't get is eating things that well, I don't know, things like this....

No, I'm not kidding.  I'm serious.  These were purchased in Chicago I believe at some store that caters to - caters to - well shit, I have no clue what it caters to, but really?  Yeah, those are cheddar flavored WORMS.  Who eats worms?  The thought makes me want to yak all over the computer.  Gosh, and when I'm finished snacking on my worms, how about a side of...

Crickets.  Lord knows they bug me enough "singing" outside.  Why did I not ever think of frying them up and adding some bacon and cheese seasoning??  And who can pass up on those days when you just need a little something...

Excuse me, I need to go vomit now.

Here we go again...

Day 190

What was that I said a few posts ago??  Oh yeah, I must appear to be a lard ass alcoholic.  Well, I must be beginning to embrace that. It use to be that I only drank frozen fruity alcoholic drinks.  The idea of any kind of beer or wine made me fake gag.  Then I met Carri.  It's entirely her fault that I drink.  She got me hooked on Woodchuck.  She also got me hooked on wine.  Damn her.

Anyway, now when I go places, I actually try different things. I'm still not a beer girl and probably never will be, but I will try wine...

This one was rather tasty...I should've had more than one.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Fun

Day 189

My kids are pretty active.  They are constantly involved in something - year round.  I don't mind it - much.  I won't lie, there are days when all I want to do is sit on my butt on the couch and do nothing.  That's not their fault though and I would much rather have to be chasing after them or carting them from one practice to the next than to have them be lazy bums.  Summer is not much different - they have more down time from organized sports, but they still run and play like psychos.  I believe this was after some camp or maybe it was after track practice, I don't remember.  But I came home from work to find this....

Yes, he needs a hair cut.  Yes, he's using his sister's blanket to cover up, but there is something so precious and innocent about kids when they sleep.  I could, literally, watch them sleep for hours.  I think they are so beautiful.  I know, I'm biased, but wow, I love my kids.

I cheated...

Day 188

I didn't take this picture on Day 188.  I took this picture months ago...just to add to the collection from this particular "incident."  The thing is, it's totally relevant now.  This picture is from the surgery my brother had in March.  

For those of you that don't know what happened, well I'm not going through that right now.  For those of you that do that haven't heard the news - the muscles in the arm are working.  It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year.  What's even harder to believe is the way my relationships with my siblings have changed because of this.  I wish that Chad had never gotten in the accident as I would never wish that on anyone - that said, I found my family again and I love it.

What does that thing do???

Day 187

So, remember that picture from day i-don't-remember of the crimping iron?!?!  The one I was pretty excited to get??  Want to know what it does???

I frickin love this thing!!!!!  It does not appear to fry my hair (much) and it's fun.  I don't give a rats rump that it's a hair style from the 80s, I love it!  That and it only takes about 10 minutes to do which if you know me, you know that's about all the time I want to spend on my hair :)  LOVE IT!

Monday, July 18, 2011

HAIRY BARBARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 186

Ok, now give me a sec here - I know he looks a bit like a creeper, but damn, I love this kid.  Yes, he needs to shave, but I'm beginning to think, after looking at some old pictures that he's probably growing that ferret on his face because he has such a baby face.  Even pictures from a year ago without all the damn facial fuzz he looks like a little boy.  I guess, I can understand why he might want to look more grown up.  I gotta tell ya though, I prefer the little boy look to the creepy pedophile freak look.  Love ya, Eric!

The Shades...

Day 185

Megan has about 27 pairs of sunglasses.  Ok fine, I may be exaggerating...but only a little.  I know of at least 4 pair.  Anyhoo, Jason needed some sunglasses and since I happened to be going out and about that day, I was put in charge of purchasing them.  The flaw was I had all sorts of rules I was suppose to remember - it was like an episode of "What Not To Wear" where the people have to remember all the rules of what they can and cannot buy.  *sigh*  I was definitely nervous.  

So, this is what we found.  Apparently, I did a good job.  He's happy and wears them ALL the time (even at night) and his dad's happy (even better).  Now if only I could find a pair for myself that I actually like....

They clean up Niiiiiiice!

Day 184

Yes, I'm biased and yes, Jay is making some goofy face, but, my kids clean up nice.  I was bumming a little that I forgot to have someone take a picture of the 4 of us all dressed up.  Oh well.  At least I got a few pictures of my beautiful babies.  


Day 183

I had to take this picture....

Not only is the kid adorable, but it brought back so many memories from when I was a kid!  I remember being in the car with mom - I don't remember where we were going or coming from, but she had bought me a bunch of candy (cuz she's obviously crazy). One of the kinds was some lemon candy that came in the shape of little slices of lemons.  I loved those and I used to do the same thing Christopher is doing in this picture with the candy.  

Ahhh, sometimes I miss being a kid...oh wait, I still haven't grown up.


Day 182

Here we go again - if it's not food it's candy, if it's not candy, it's liquor or some form of alcohol.  Sheesh - from reading these and checking out the pictures, one would think I'm an alcoholic fat ass.  While part of that may be true - I can assure you, I am no alcoholic.  As a matter of fact, I'm such a frickin light weight it's embarrassing. Anyhoo, while Phil and I were out, he found these.  I had never seen them before, although, Eric tells me they are all over in Texas and Angelina loves them....yeah, I do

That right there - TOTALLY made my day.  It also knocked me on the afore mentioned fat ass. I shall definitely have to find these so they can sit in my refrigerator for a year and a half like normal alcohol in my house.  *sigh*

The Dress

Day 181

So I was pretty excited when I got this dress.  I ordered it from Avon.  I never order clothes from anywhere.  My rule is, if I can't try it on, I'm not gonna buy it.  The thing is, this one was super cute and I wanted it for Sarah's wedding.  So, I did it.  And I love it - well except for the fact that I needed a fat squeezer.  Yes, it's a loose flowy dress, but I still wanted something to keep all the nasty hidden better.  Here's the dress....

No smart ass remarks, thank you - I am well aware that I still look like a moose, but you're not suppose to be looking at me - you're suppose to be looking at the dress.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid-week drinkin

Day 180

K, so I'm not a big drinker - we know this.  As a matter of fact, I rarely drink.  I'm pretty picky.  I don't like beer - I quite frequently refer to it as monkey piss.  I pretty much only like fruity stuff and I prefer it frozen.  So, Eric and Angel and I ventured off to Grand Rapids to visit a friend - my twin if you will.  She was kind enough to take us to this little bar that right after we ordered lost power.  Didn't much matter to me as I still got my drink....

I don't remember what it's called or what's in it so don't bother asking.  It's some kind of electric blue lemonade or something along those lines.  It was FANTASTIC!!!!  Maybe I shall venture that way again this week to join her for drinks yet again.  Although, I must admit the second bar was FAR better than the first.


Day 179

Here we go with the food again, but in my defense, I couldn't help it this time.  This had to be posted.  I'm a pizza junky.  I love it and could probably live on it.  Well, the other day we decided to order lunch and I opted to order a calzone.

This picture doesn't do it justice.  Let's suffice it to say that it was roughly the size of a medium pizza.  Like the ones we normally order from Hungry Howies.  Yeah, it was THAT big.  I gotta tell ya, it was pure heaven too.  Cooked to absolute perfection and now I'm going to be addicted.  *sigh*  Weight loss be damned.

Free = Good

Day 178

Some of you have heard stories about my "angelic" little doggy.  We love her - but she's a devil beast.  She managed to destroy an entire couch in just over a year.  Nice, eh?  Anyhow, Phil and I have been discussing replacing the couch in the living room as at this point, it's a major eye sore.  No one can sit in the living room (not that we spend much time there) and it's a bit embarrassing. Now, we didn't want to spend much money in case the dog  decided to destroy another one.  

The other day we noticed our neighbor was getting rid of a perfectly lovely couch and love seat.  So, we snagged them.  They are in good condition and they actually match my living room.  It was a chance we decided to take.  At this point, (please knock on wood immediately after reading this) the couch and love seat AND the pillows on them are intact.  AND it looks cute!

Damn Deodorant

Day 177

I realize at this point in my life I should be able to get dressed in the morning without making a mess of myself.  I also know that I am an idiot so that tends to make normal activities a bit difficult for me.  I'm usually pretty good about putting my shirt/dress on BEFORE putting deodorant on, but sometimes I fail. 

That lovely orange color would be my shirt.  The "pretty" white streaks are proof that I do wear deodorant.  I suppose when you look at it that way it could be a good thing.  At least I wear deodorant.  Then again, I suppose it could be bad.  My shirt will definitely smell good - but you might want to steer clear of my armpits....just sayin.

The Guest Room

Day 176

So, we've lived in our house for almost 3 years now??  I think that's right, but I'm not positive.  Anyhoo, there are still (obviously) things that I want to do and maybe even things that I need to do.  Shall I mention the lime green bathroom?  The thing is, the guest room is hideous.  The people that lived here before - or the original owners, I don't know which, picked out two different kinds of (hideously ugly) wallpaper.  First of all, I hate wallpaper.  Secondly, I am not a flowery kind of person.  The funny thing is, though, I guess since I don't spend any time in there, I don't think much of it.

Before Angel and Eric got here this year, I decided it needed some sprucing up.  Phil and I agreed when we moved in here that I would not clutter the walls with all of my insane photographs.  I am a bit obsessed with pictures.  So, we have very few photos actually hanging.  Welllllll, I should say we DID have very few photos hanging.  I finally found an acceptable place to hang a bunch of the previously boxed pictures!

While the room is still hideous, I love that my pictures are hanging :)

Has it really come to this?

Day 175

Ok, I can freely admit we are technology junkies.  Our house is full of all kinds of technology.  While we do not have every new piece of technology out there, we've sure got a lot.  I would list them all, but it would take too long and I would end up with carpal tunnel.  At this point, though, we quite often spend time communicating in our house using some form of technology.  I will text Megan or Phil if they are in different rooms.  Megan and I quite often chat on facebook from different rooms.  This is yet another example of us sitting in the same house, using our technology to communicate...

Yep, that's Meg and I using our facetime application to talk to each other.  I guess the blessing with this app is that we are actually speaking and seeing each other.  The damn shame is, we're obviously lazy asses as we could just have easily walked into whatever room the other was in to talk. 

HEY - you gotta tail?

Day 174

Those that know me know that I can be a bit, ummmm, well, not nice??  I'm a people watcher. This is pretty much common knowledge.  It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing - I'm always watching people.  It just so happens that we were at 7-11 the other day and we happened to see this delivery guy.  I realize that most people wouldn't have thought twice about this, but it amused the hell out of me.  

Yepper, he's got a tail.  Pretty sexy I have to say.  I sure do wish he was mine...

DON'T play with your food...

Day 173

Yeah, so I have this nasty habit of playing with my food.  Only candy though - I don't actually play with real food (like breakfast or dinner type food).  I can't help it, I'm easily amused.  Or maybe it's the artsy fartsy part of me.  *snort*  Although, I highly doubt this is considered art...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MORE new toys

Day 172

Ok, I'm a nerd or a geek or whatever you want to call it.  I like playing video games.  I like reading books.  I love electronics.  Yeah, that's me.  I also love pictures - obviously.  I don't just mean by this blog, but if you check out the number of photo albums I have on facebook then you can see just how obsessed I am.  I refer to myself as a picture whore - it's true and I'm not ashamed of it.  There were too many times when I should have taken pictures when I didn't.  I know that memories live forever, but sometimes it's just nice to look back at the pictures.

Anyway, I have this fabulous, amazing, wonderful, awesome (yes, I'm ass kissing) friend who allowed me to use his camera this past weekend for a bit.  Ohhhhhhh yes, I am in love - as in seriously and completely in love....look at this...

Between that sweet ass camera and my amazing computer I got this helps that this little bugger is seriously photogenic and insanely adorable, but DAY-UM....I gots to have me that camera.


Day 171

Or U2 depending on how you look at it...

This concert was so hard to get excited about.  After holding tickets for a year and a half, waiting for the big day to arrive was well, whatever.  I don't think I actually got excited until we got to campus.  Once inside - with this crazy ass view - how could one not be excited?!?!??  It was a phenomenal concert!!!!  And the people I was with are pretty phenomenal too.

Wha's that??

Day 170

I know he's hard to see (would be easier to see if I had that nifty new camera already - *wink wink*) but I tried.  That's my zoom on my little camera at the max.  It's nothing major - it's just a deer.  It's funny though, isn't it, how little things - sites, smells, sounds bring back memories.  That's what this deer did for me.  When I was a little girl, my grandpa - and my mom  - would take me out trail riding looking for deer.  I loved it.  We would pack up snacks and drinks and off we went.  It was great!  I could spend hours looking for them.  I got pretty good  - to the point that I could spot them before anyone else at night.

Sometimes I miss those days.  Those days when the biggest concern was whether or not I was going to spot more deer than Gramps.  

The good ole' days...

Neglected and Forgotten...

Day 169

No, I'm not talking about my kids.  Although, I'm sure there have been many times over the past few years they may feel neglected and forgotten.  Actually, I was referring to my flowers.  Aren't they pretty?

Just say yes so I don't have to hunt you down and kick your ass.  Yeah, I had lofty goals this year.  I wanted to get the wood chips put down and get annuals planted and yet here we are beginning of July and I haven't even had the time to weed these let alone do anything else.  Shit, I don't have hanging plants yet.  The posts are up so I could hang plants, but I haven't bought any.  *sigh*  I can't wait to be done with school....

What's wrong with this picture....

Day 168

Looks like a harmless picture, doesn't it?  Look closely. Are you looking?  Do you see the problem?  HELLLLLOOOOOOO, I am OBVIOUSLY taking this picture from the backseat of MY car.  Scuse me?  I'm riding in the backseat of my own car?!?!  WTH?!?!?  *sigh* Such is my life.  At least I got to stretch my legs out on the backseat ;-)

The lLaMa SoNg

Day 167

Ya know when you're kids how you make up goofy songs?  Ok, maybe some of you weren't as goofy as me, but whatever - you know kids make up goofy songs.  Well, how often do you come across a goofy kid song that sticks with you - it sticks with you to the point that you are teaching other random people (both kids and adults) this silly little song?!  Crazy, but it I can assure you it proven with the Llama Song.  Here's your llama fix for the day...