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Friday, April 29, 2011

Before Pictures...

Day 116

Right, so I know I take a lot of duplicate pictures.  Pretty sure at some point during this adventure (the 365 project) I've taken a picture of the basement.  The thing is, I'm taking this picture for posterity if you will.  This is the "before picture."  I got a bug up my butt the other day that we should turn the basement into a workout room.  Thanks to a friend of mine - this may become a reality.  Not only a reality, but a reality in the very near future.  So, obviously, I need to get prepared and the basement currently looks like this...

This is what's left of the mess after the most recent flood episode.  No, we don't flood that often, only when the sump pump decides it needs a little nappy.  I'm not concerned (much) about flooding which is why I thought this would be the perfect area.  The only flaw is I need to et crap taken care of.  I just started today...let's see how much I can get accomplished over the next two (incredibly busy) weeks.  Wish me luck...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

fReAkIsH fOiL

Day 115

The things women do for beauty...
It's good that I can laugh at myself.  I know I look like an ass.  I know that I'm not beautiful even after the foil comes out of my hair.  Ya know what, though?  I have KICK ASS hair!  Anybody that really knows me knows that I'm pretty picky about my hair.  I only let certain people touch my hair - actually, only one.  I had the blessing of meeting this "hair magician" because of gymnastics and she ended up being not just my hair dresser, but a good friend as well.  There's really nothing better than those nights I get to hang in the salon and have her singing and dancing around like a crazy woman while doing my hair!  She does the most amazing job and ALWAYS does what I want - even if she doesn't agree!  (P.S. I PROMISE I will never want it black again, Sal!!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boredom at the Doctor

Day 114

Ya know how when you go to the doctor you have to sit in the waiting room forever?  Right, well, this is what happens when you take your 13 year old to the dermatologist and she has to wait in the waiting room....

Yes, that sure is a potato head.  I'm not sure if it's a Mr. Potato Head or Mrs. Potato Head.  The "ear" that you cannot see is actually a tongue (because there was only one ear in the box).  The tongue is 4 miles away from the mustache and I have NO clue WTF is poking out the top of its head....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Damn Rabbits...

Day 113

SPRING IS COMING!!!!  Well, maybe.  It is Michigan after all.  One can never be sure here.  However, I see little buds here and there so I think it's actually here now.  We shall see.  Anyhow, I don't plant flowers until end of May because it is Michigan.  When I do plant, there are certain flowers I prefer.  I LOVE lilies.  I think all lilies are beautiful, but Tiger lilies are my favorite.  

Last year I planted some beautiful lilies - red and yellow.  Thanks to some four legged fluffy tailed little shits, though, my favorite ones got dug up.  DISlike.  I was pretty pissed off.  I was rather pleasantly surprised just now when I saw this...
See that green?  Those would be buds on my dug up lilies.  I cannot find any reason whatsoever that these lilies should have survived the evil rabbit abuse that they took, but they have.  I'm so excited!!!!  Not sure what I'm going to do, but I'm sure as shit going to bust my ass to protect my little pretties this year.

*bends over*

Day 112

On my way to pick Jay up from school Monday, I drove through the hood.  It's the fastest way to get from work to the school.  Anyway, I passed the first ghetto Admiral station and half-assed noticed that it was pretty full.  I didn't really think anything of it.  As I cruised on down further into the ghetto, I came to a stoplight and noticed that that Admiral station was also packed, actually, the line was down the road and stopping traffic.  So, I took a closer look.  The price of gas was as it had been $3.83.  Obnoxious, yes?  But I'm getting used to it.  I didn't get what the big deal was.  Then I looked across the street and saw this...
$4.17?!?!?!?!?  ARE YOU EMMER EFFING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?  WTF is this bullshit?  At this point, I may not be able to afford to drive to work anymore.  This is just ludicrous.  I know we're poor, but I also know there are others that are poorer.  What do those people do?

I love this man

Day 111

I love this man.  We have so much in common and so many differences, it makes us a perfect couple.  That's not to say we don't have our issues - we're normal.  We have our arguments or disagreements.  We don't see eye to eye on everything.  We have different opinions on certain things.  One of the things we have in common though, is our love of reading.  We're both reading junkies.  What we read may differ, but we love to read. 

The Celebration...

Day 110

Of course, with every birthday, there must be some form of celebration.  Jay decided he wanted to go bowling again.  He seems to enjoy that.  So, we had a bunch of kids (boys and girls) that piled into the bowling alley and bowled a few games, ate some pizza and breadsticks, drank wayyyyy too much Mt. Dew, and had cake.  A good time was had by all I believe.  It was a fantastic party even if I don't want my baby to grow up.

Stupid is as stupid does...

Day 109

Right, so I complain about the current extern quite frequently.  I can't help it.  She's an idiot.  Please take a gander at the picture...

Ok, it's just plain funny.  The whole document really made me laugh and I sure do wish I could use this in multiple areas of my life - work, home, sports, etc. What is even more amusing about this is that the extern brought this in.  She showed it to each of us (I of course, made a copy because it's funny).  THEN, she says to us - IN ALL SERIOUSNESS - "You realize this is a document used in the Army."  Andy, can you confirm this information?  She went on to say that it is a document that is used quite frequently.  I had to hold my hand over my mouth to refrain from commenting.  Good grief.  How does she function in the real world?

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Day 108

Double digits, baby!!!!  It was a happy and sad day for me.  My baby turned 10 and my baby turned 10.  He's getting so grown up....which I love and hate.  Where does the time go?  It seems it was just yesterday that he was a teeny tiny baby :(  I know they have to grow up, but damn, it's breaking my heart.  Anyway, here's the birthday boy at his birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Day 107

I am not a nice person.  Anybody who knows me well, knows that I have a nasty side.  I can be down right cruel.  I am also incredibly protective to those that I love.  I would give the shirt off my back if they needed it.  So, I guess I can be nice, but if I don't like you, it's just that simple.  I don't like you.  

I've complained multiple times about the extern we have in the office.  She's an idiot and I don't like her.  We all have quirks and flaws and for the most part, I'm pretty accepting of other people's flaws - IF I like them.  Lord knows, I've got more flaws then most so I don't expect people to be perfect.  Why is it that when we don't like someone, their flaws seem to irritate more?

Anyhoo, this snaggle-toothed freak says "grrrr" all the damn time.  If you ask her a question, she says "grrrrr."  When she stands up to get something she says "grrrrr."  Pretty sure I heard her "grrrrr" walking into the bathroom the other day.  So, this morning, I was being my normal asshole self with the other girls and we were poking fun....rude, I know, but I already said I wasn't nice.  The boss man walked in during one of my mocking "grrrrr" moments.  He gave me the normal "what the hell is wrong with you, Jamie" look and then asked me if I needed a box of Frosted Flakes. I said no, cuz guess what....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doggy Bag?

Day 106

I'm a dog lover - obviously.  I blog about my dog, I post pictures of my dog, I complain about my dog.  I think everyone knows, though, that I absolutely love my dog.  I like DOGS, though.  I'm not a huge fan of overgrown rats with know, the little four legged yippy things with very little fir and creepy eyes.  

Every now and then, though, one of those little creepers breaks through my dislike.  For example, Charles.  Charles belongs to a friend of mine.  She talks about him all the time.  He goes to the movies with her, shopping with her, even to the bar with her....*insert eye roll here*  The damn shame is, this damn little critter makes me laugh.  He's a trip to watch wandering around and today, he blessed us with his presence, and spent the morning curled up in my friend's purse in her drawer just chilling.

He reminds me a bit of a creature from Star Wars here....

Mother Nature's a B****

Day 105

I have already determined that I am getting old.  I go to bed late and wake up early.  I read the newspaper and watch the news.  The worst part - I watch the weather channel before bed.  *sigh*  Good grief.  Well, I failed Sunday night.  I didn't watch the news because I was tired?  I don't remember if I had a reason, I just didn't.  I sure did wish I had.  I might have been prepared for this...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  It's the fricking end of April.  Why in the hell did I have to wipe snow off my damn car before I could leave for work.  That's just wrong.  I love Michigan.  I've lived here my whole life, but damn, really?  This is taking it a bit to extremes don't you think?

Stupid cars...

Day 104

I'm kind of a car snob.  I'm pretty picky about what I drive.  My cars have to look normal for one thing.  By normal, I mean not have some quirky weird ass shape.  There are multiple cars out and about now that just annoy the hell out of me.  For example, the ones that I call "notta cars."  Those would be those incredibly small, made for a midget type "cars" out there.  You know, the ones that you could fit 3 of them in my (incredibly small) garage. They remind me of the ones that 500 clowns climb out of at the circus.  Then there's these...

What the hell is that thing?  It's stupid.  That is not a car, that's a box on wheels with an incredibly stupid looking back window.  Oi, haven't these people ever heard that old commercial, "momma don't drive no ugly truck."  This definitely qualifies as an "ugly truck."

Big Black Bear?

Day 103

Many of you know the story behind my dog...well, some of you do.  Let me enlighten you - I promised the kids when we got a house that we would get a puppy.  So, we bought a house.  Then I had to talk Phil into it.  I wanted a St. Bernard puppy - I grew up with the world's greatest St. Bernard.  She was a beautiful dog and I loved her with all my heart.  Phil was dead against a St. Bernard.  They are too big and hairy and drooly. He decided we could get a dog if we got a black lab.  That's what he grew up with.  He had "St. Cocoa."  Apparently, Cocoa was the greatest dog to ever walk to earth.  So, I went searching for an angelic black lab puppy and we got Ziva.

Now, I love our dog.  She can be an asshole and she drives me nuts, but I love her.  I wouldn't trade her for anything - most days.  Saturday, though, I went to visit a sister (one of the many) and got to see her dogs.  She has two and I love them both, but I have to admit that one is my favorite...

Yes, yes, that sure does look like a big black bear.  He's AWESOME!  The best part is, that 215lb dog is just a puppy!!!  He's as big as Jason and is all cuddly and drooly and fabulous.  Ahhh, I can't wait to see him again in 3 weeks!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunglasses at night?

Day 102

I talk about the Garage Crew all the time. Why?  Well, it consists of a group of people that we spend a lot of time with.  They are a crazy bunch and we love them.  We met these people not long after we left the gym and have been spending just about every weekend with them since...that's going on about 3 1/2 years if anyone is counting.

Over the years, we've had some damn good times - as shown by the multiple pictures and videos on my facebook.  We've been through weddings, divorces, funerals, babies, and teenagers.  I love these people in spite of or because of their craziness and their love of life.  Or, maybe I love them because they accept us - all of us for who we are. 

Tonight was a typical night in the garage.  Kids running around like crazy, playing and having a good time.  Girls sitting off to the side talking about life and the boys...well, the boys were doing what the boys always do pong.  None of the Garage Crew "events" are without music.  The kind of music may vary depending on who is there and who is in charge (read:  closest to) of the radio.  Tonight....a song came on that apparently Chris felt the need to mimic....can you guess what song?  (He's the guy on the right....with the sunglasses night...)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Day 101

I love shoes.  Yes, I know, typical girl.  I do, though.  Before Phil, I only bought cheap shit shoes.  After Phil (much to his dismay) I have more expensive taste.  I prefer spring and summer shoes, but when it comes to fall and winter, I love boots.  So, I pretty much have sandals - in all styles and boots.  I hate pumps.  Anyway, I take pretty good care of my shoes, because I love them.  I also wear the hell out of them.  I wear my shoes until it is impossible to wear them any longer. 

Sometimes I buy a crappy pair.  It happens.  They can't all be perfect.  If I don't like them, they either sit in my closet until I feel the need to throw them out or donate them, or I wear them from time to time if I can't find anything else.  At the moment, I'm hurting for a pair of brown dress boots.  I've got 3 or 4 (maybe 5) pair of black, but only 1 brown.  The problem?  I hate the brown ones.  They aren't comfortable and they are a bit too boxy for me.  So, in natural Jamie style, they look like this...

That right there is just pitiful.  Who goes out in public looking like that?  That is just an embarrassment to boots.  It would take me 10 minutes to polish them, but because I don't like them, I won't do it.  Instead I walk around looking like a lame ass all day.  Good grief.


Day 100

No, we have not already started coloring eggs for Easter.  Those eggs pictured above are farm fresh green and blue eggs - straight from some home grown Vigus chickens!  Yepper, my grandpa has chickens.  When he brought us our first dozen eggs, he said they were green and I thought he was joking.  WRONG.  They really were green.  Since then, we've had both green and blue!  LOVE it!!!  It creeps some people out, but I gotta tell ya, they cook the same and taste the same, never mind that they are really fresh.  What can be better than that?!?!

(We'll not mention that it sure could cut back on my egg coloring this year)

Just me

Day 99

It's been a rough week around here.  I haven't been sleeping well and have been getting up late for I end up looking like crap.  Well, I got up super late Tuesday and instead of just throwing the hair in a ponytail and going, I decided, what the hell, I'm already late.  So, I showered and got myself ready for work.  I did not, however, put on makeup.  I decided, since I have an emergency stash in my purse that I would do it when I got there.

Well, when I got to work, I decided I didn't care.  It's pretty common knowledge that I despise myself.  I find my self hideously ugly and I have a lot in common with a beached whale.  The thing is, I always worry about what others will think.  Tuesday, I decided that I didn't give a damn what anyone else thought.  Then I took this picture...

Yep, that's me - no makeup, just me.  I still don't like me, but I realized looking at this picture, that there are days when I might not frighten small children...sometimes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Humor

Day 98

So, some of you may have read Phil's status today.  If not, let me share with you...

First, let me tell you, last night was miserable in our house.  Yes, it sure was a beautiful day, but it was also 80 some degrees upstairs in our house.  Big deal, right?  Wrong - that's where the bedrooms are.  It was so frickin hot, none of us got a good night's sleep. So, I got up this morning - late of course and was running behind and just in a generally pissy mood.  I got to work - late of course, and was even pissier.  

Phil called me about mid-morning and he obviously had something to tell me.  I could tell by the tone of his voice.  We have a shed in our backyard.  The door has always been jacked.  It's a minor fix that we can't be bothered to take care of as it's not that big of a deal.  Anyhow, last night, the shed door was banging like crazy because of the wind.  So, Phil decided to go fix it.  He left the dog inside so she wouldn't be nipping at him while he was out there.  He finished messing with the shed and walked up to the house to come in only to find the dog in her jumping craze and attempt to get outside, had locked the sliding glass door.  Of course, Phil did not have his keys on him and both the front and back doors were locked.  Sooooo, he had to get in the house through a window.
Ok, the picture still doesn't do it justice.  This is the window in our family room - which is at basement level for normal houses.  This is NOT a big window.  When Phil was telling me this story, he went on and on about the fact that it was incredibly hard for him to fit his ass through the window.  Honestly, he made me laugh so stinking hard I almost cried.  I love that I'm not the only one that does stupid things in our house!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring or Summer?

Day 97

Ok, I'm not trying to complain here - well, maybe I am, but whatever - it's my damn blog.  So, I have been checking the weather as per the norm pretty much every day.  Mostly cuz I'm checking to see if spring is really coming or if we're going to stay in winter forever...well that and the kids are playing outdoor sports so I needed to know if I had to have blankets, hats, gloves, umbrellas.  You get the point.

Anyhoo, I saw that it said today was suppose to be 80...I laughed.  The weather peeps also said it was suppose to be 60 yesterday and I guess it was for a hot second around 5 p.m. but that was it.  Today, I did my homework, took a shower and decided to run up to 7-11 and get a couple Mt. Dews (by run, I mean hop in the car). Right, so I got in the car and this is what I saw...
This just encourages my love/hate relationship with this crazy state.  I love Michigan - born and raised here and I have no urge to move.  But really?  Last weekend it was snowing, this weekend it's over 80.  What will tomorrow bring?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun at the Mall

Day 96

I hate shopping.  I cannot stand "window shopping."  I get absolutely bored out of my mind (and a bit bitchy) if I have to spend a lot of time in a store/mall.  When I go shopping, it's with a purpose.  I'm either going for something specific for me or for someone else.  I get in and get out.  Phil and Megan are a different type.  The two of them could shop for hours.  As a matter of act, Phil once spent almost 3 hours in a Home Depot.  Looking at what, I have no clue...the store is not that big, but whatever. 

That is not to say that I do not like going to the mall.  I do - but again, only if there is a reason.  Today, Meg and I were at the mall with a good friend of mine.  Unfortunately, we walked through Macy's which is usually incredibly bad for my checking account.  What's worse is that we had to walk past the shoe department.  I am definitely a typical girl where shoes are concerned.  I do not think it is possible for a girl to own too many shoes. One can never ever have too many.  

Anyhoo, I refrained from purchasing anything, but that didn't stop us from farting around a bit.  I guess, sometimes shopping can be fun...

Side note:  Damn that child is beautiful....

Try that one!!!!

Day 95

Some people just look great in a hat.  Some only look good in baseball caps.  But there are those, like my friend Carri here that manage to look good no matter what hat they put on...

I love hats.  I always have.  I used to have a whole collection of hats - all kinds.  I still pick one up every now and then.  The thing is, they don't really look right on me.  Some make my face look fat(ter) others make my head look oddly shaped.  You get the point.  I've always been jealous of those that can pull them off, though.  Maybe someday I'll find one that works.

That's. Just. Gross.

Day 94

For real?!?  What the hell??  Ok, this annoys the devil out of me...

What is it?  It's a baby diaper in a public restroom hanging off the edge of the trash.  Seriously, people, do you do this in your own home?  What frightens me is that I'm sure there is the possibility that they do.  But really??  The changing table is right above this stupid trash can.  Why is it that you can't drop it IN the trash?  Or, if that is just far too difficult for you, why not take a second after the baby is changed to actually put it in the trash.  Never frickin mind that you could have taken that extra second to wrap it up.  Who didn't tape the damn things back together before throwing it out?  That's just foul.  Clean up after yourselves, you are not the only people using the restroom.  Gross.

Poor House

Day 93

Yep, it's not like I didn't already know I was poor.  I know.  Yes, we own our house.  Yes, we have 3 cars.  Yes, we eat out occasionally and we sometimes catch a movie.  Yep, I've even been known to take a vacation - and once or twice, we've taken a family vacation.  The thing is, we're poor.  We aren't dirt poor anymore.  We don't struggle to find the money to feed our family anymore, but we're still poor.  We still have those moments when we wonder how we're going to   pull off the bills.  This whole economic downturn is seriously kicking poor people's asses.  

No, I do not want to get in some kind of political debate.  I'm not interested.  I'm sure rich people "struggle" too, but when your big concern is whether or not to purchase that brand new big ass boat and my big concern is how in the hell I'm going to pay for heat - I don't much give a shit.  Most recently, this is stressing me out...
This isn't even at it's worst.  That's the bad part.  I knew when we bought my car that it would be a gas guzzler.  That said, we needed a bigger vehicle and I wasn't interested in trying a car again.  Hello, you don't get a car much bigger then the Buick and it wasn't big enough for camping.  It's a great car - but we still had the cooler riding on Megan's lap (not really, but you get the point). 

I know gas is a touchy point for everyone and everyone has their views.  I don't need your advice or whatever, I'm just whining - that after all, is still my least for now.

Mac vs Anything else

Day 92

So, I've had my new toy for a week now.  I know there is so much more for me to learn and explore, but at this point, I can tell you, if I had the option (read:  money) I would equip my house with Macs.  I LOVE this computer.  I love the ease in which I can do things.  I love the nifty little gadgets it has for me to play with - and the thing is, I'm not even talking about games.  I glanced at the App store a couple of times, but I really have no urge to install any games on here.  What do I need them for?  There's so many other sweet things on this computer, I have no interest in games.  Nevermind that I can play games on facebook.  

I'm still trying to figure out how to sort my pictures.  I found this sweet spot that I can create my own website.  I have the calendar for April all updated and even considered buying the family share thingy so that the calendar could be synced to Meg and Phil's iPods - have decided to pass on that for now.  I've edited multiple pictures and messed around with the photo booth.  I've taken more pictures of me in the past week then I have in years. 

As far as this girl is concerned - Mac > any other computer.


Day 91

I love me some chocolate.  Chocolate cookies, milk, cake, cupcakes, brownies, wine.  Yes, I sure do love me some chocolate.  I suppose this could be part of the reason my butt is so, whatever.  What I like even more is when someone goes on a vacation and brings chocolate back for me!!!  What could be better then that!  So, my friend Rachel recently went on a vacation and went to a Hershey factory (I think) and she was kind enough to bring presents back.  Can I just tell you how warm and fuzzy I was when she dropped that bag of Hershey's Miniatures on my desk?!?!!?  I believe work will be a much better place for the next few weeks while I finish those off....

Research and Evaluation

Day 90

So, I started a new class Tuesday.  I was pretty excited about it.  It's called "Research and Evaluation."  Well, for someone who actually enjoys research (sick, I know) I was geeked.  I also enjoy writing papers - I know, I need my head examined.  Anyhoo, I glanced over the books and realized that this class was not exactly what I expected.  It is not research and evaluation like I was thinking.  No, no, no.  This class is all about statistics.  I glanced toward the end of the text and found some seriously scary math problems.  WHAT?!?!?  I thought I was finished with math classes - well except for the accounting classes.  The thing is, the accounting classes don't freak me out - I like that kind of math.  Again, I know I have issues.  This, however, is not the kind of math that I signed up for thank you very much.  *sigh* Let's hope the next 10 weeks goes by fast since I have 4 1/2 more weeks of this class and then I have Research and Eval II.  Oi vey.

What we do for our kids...

Day 89

We all give up things for our kids.  We say we won't be "that" parent.  We say we are welcoming the kids into "our" world.  The reality of it is - we do.  We give up a lot - much that they won't appreciate until they have kids of their own.  Some parents give up more than others.  Those of us with kids in sports - whether it's multiple kids in multiple sports or one kid in one sport - we give up our lives.  Completely.  We constantly run them from practice to practice and meet/competition/game on the weekends.  We give up family dinners, time with friends, sleep, and even just those blessed moments on the couch watching a favorite TV show.  The best part is - we complain a little  - but most of us wouldn't change it for anything.  We love it.  I keep saying we and that may not be true for everyone, but I can tell you, I wouldn't change it.  My kids keep me going CONSTANTLY.  From August to mid-July we are on the go.  It's a pain sometimes and we have to split - Phil with a kid and me with the other, but it's worth it.  I love watching them grow and learn and having fun.  It's so much better then just having them stuck in front of the TV/computer/video game or constantly on their phone.  

This picture is of a very good friend of mine.  This is after a long week of hauling a child to multiple 4 hour practices, waiting for one to be finished.  Do you see the exhaustion?  She's like me though, she wouldn't change it...

Love ya, Sal!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Toys

Day 88

Everybody likes new toys.  I don't care who you are, you know you like to get new things.  The past couple of weeks I have been insanely jealous of my family.  Phil and Megan both have iPod touches.  Jay has this sweet DSI XL and I have - well, I mean I know I have stuff, but theirs is just so much cooler.  All three of them can get on the internet from anywhere in the stinking house.  I have to sit at the computer desk in the office chair (read: uncomfortable and old) and stare at the screen.

So, maybe I whined just a little, but I had justified reasons for wanting a laptop.  I'm trying to talk Phil into us going on a vacation to Washington, DC this summer. I can't go, though, unless I have a laptop.  After all, I will still have homework.  

I got my new toy today - we'll call it a graduation present...either for the Associate's that I already have or an early present for the Bachelor's (which by the way, I only have 1 year left).  I, of course, came right home and played on it.  The picture below is one of the first things I did.  LOVE THIS COMPUTER!!!!!


Day 87

Sometimes I love April Fool's Day.  Sometimes I think it's pretty boring.  Sometimes I think people take things too far.  This year I didn't play any practical jokes - NOT ONE.  Isn't that crazy?!  I did, however, lose my mind and laugh hysterically at one point - as in laughed so hard I uncontrollable laughter.  You know, the kind where you think you're going to pee your pants or die from not being able to breathe.  Yeah, that was me.  When I finally calmed down, I decided I would spend the rest of the day being "normal."

See, here's my "normal"


Day 86

Right, so I don't really question why I'm overweight.  First of all, I drink way too much pop....Mt. Dew mostly and in insane amounts.  I don't exercise enough - my one hour of dance a week doesn't count and apparently running to the bathroom, from the dog, to the refrigerator don't count either.  Finally, I have an office job.  Pretty sure there's research out there that I have read that talks about the fact that if you have a sit down office job you're more likely to have an incredibly large ass - which I do.

I try to snack on healthy stuff, but to be honest with you, I can only eat so many green peppers and cucumbers before I'm bored.  I find myself "snacking" on Lucky Charms and Cheerios.  I justify the cheerios cuz if you've seen the commercials, you know by eating them I am lowering my (already disgustingly low) cholesterol.  The Lucky Charms - well, I love the marshmallows....shut up.

Bells bells bells

Day 85

Ok, so I haven't quite mastered this new computer yet - sorry for the so small picture.  I'll figure it out eventually.  Anyways, there are people who collect things.  I, personally, have collected many many different things over the years.  I collect a wide variety of things.....I have in the past collected spoons and carousel horses and trolls.  I also have a pretty spectacular collection of lighthouses and holiday Barbies.  There are two collections that really mean the world to me - the Barbies and my bells.  

My bell collection started when I was in 6th grade.  I only had about 6 by the end of 7th grade. When we got ready to move to West Branch, my bell collection was mostly destroyed - accidentally by my grandpa.  The shelf they were sitting on wasn't secured properly, it got bumped and they fell and broke.  Only one of my original collection remains.  I now have an insane amount of bells.  They are all shapes and sizes and from all over the world.  I love bells.  I love the sounds that they make and the way that they look.  The one in the picture was purchased for me by one of my best friends while she was in vacation in Florida.  It is currently sitting on my desk at work.  I love it!