Monday, May 28, 2012


It's funny that I have a bazillion and ten siblings and nieces and nephews and yet very few of them have been in these pictures yet - weird, eh?!  I finally got another one.  This one and I have some lovely memories, but I think my favorite is getting pulled over because we were car dancing!


Funny the people you see when you're out shoe shopping, isn't it?!


I have a big family.  I spent some time "away" from some of my family.  We'll call it a hiatus.  The unfortunate part of that is that not only did I miss important events in my siblings' lives, but I missed some important events in my niece's and nephew's lives as well.  I'm so glad that things are better now - and that I get to have experiences like these...

Isn't she beautiful?!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Yet another fabulous young lady that I met through my daughter at track.


I first met this girl I think about 3 years ago.  I'm almost positive that she surely did not like me even one bit.  She and Meg played softball on the same team.  Somehow over the next year or so, she decided not to dislike me anymore - and I realized what an amazing young lady she is.  This year has been rough because I never get to see her, but hopefully next year will be better!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I do not even know where to start with this one...

She's a friend of Megan's.  A good friend - probably ranks up there in the best friend department.  Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better friend.  That's not to say that they don't have their typical teenage girl bull shit arguments, however, the bottom line is that this girl has my girl's back and the reverse is the same as well.  I think one of my favorite things about this one, aside from the fact that she's beautiful and athletic (two of my favorite qualities) is that she is real.  She tells it like it is and she's not afraid to say anything.  She's a strong one - and a young lady that I absolutely love....except when she eats all my KFC...


As always, it is through my children that I meet the most amazing people.  For example...

I met this young lady through her mom and then her sister.  She's (obviously) a dancer, but she's not just a dancer.  She's a frickin bad ass!  And, she's beautiful.  While jumping on the trampoline the night before your senior year dance recital is probably not the best idea, dancing in a bazillion dances the next day with stretched, torn, and basically just effed up tendons in your leg is amazing.  I love this girl to pieces and wish her the best!


Another of those fabulous track girls...

Monday, May 21, 2012


Ok, most kids don't run screaming from me.  They might not love me to pieces, but this was a lovely new experience for me.  Makes for a great picture though!


OMG - Ok, I love this kid.  I've never coached her.  I've never even spent a lot of time with her.  I know her primarily from the dance studio and secondarily because of gymnastics.  Although she did not do gymnastics this year.  (Maybe she'll come back next year?!)  

All right, that aside, WTF.  First off my face looks like a mother lovin' watermelon all big and fat and round and I look like I have no boobs - or that I'm not wearing a shirt, just a vest.  For the record, I did have a strapless shirt on.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


For as long as I can remember, I have loved dance.  I danced as a little girl.  I danced as a teenager, and I danced as an adult.  I'm pretty picky about dance studios because I danced in such a fabulous one as a kid.  The one I danced in as a teenager was - well, less than spectacular.  As an adult - best studio yet....GREAT people, GREAT kids, and GREAT teachers.


It's crazy how your kids help you meet people....for example...

I met this lovely young lady because of my children - well indirectly.  I met her through people that I became friends with because of my children.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012




Some of the kids I meet because of my children I could do without.  I'm sure people say the same thing about my kids...whatever.  On the flip side, there are some kids that I am insanely glad I met.  Like this one...

We call her and Megan "twins."  They were born on the same day in the same hospital apparently about 12 hours apart.  I love this young lady with all my heart!


Ok, so first of all, please get past the hideousness.  Yes, I know I look foul...sorry.  Second, I thought I was being funny.  We were at breakfast and these men were sitting behind us and the guy here....

talked the whole time.  No, seriously, he NEVER shut up.  So, I thought it would be funny to take a picture with him without him knowing.  

Right, so then he and his friend had to go to the bathroom.  Wait, what?  Men are not suppose to do that - DON'T go to the bathroom with your just looks creepy.  Anyway, he stopped by our table on the way and said, "Couldn't tell you all are related."  Uh, WTF?  It must have been because we all ordered basically the same thing for breakfast?  He must have been creepin on our order??  Idk, cuz we weren't dressed alike. Whatever, he creeped us out.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I love track season.  I love the meets - even the ones that take HOURS.  I love the kids and the races and the goofy things that happen at the meets.  This is one of those kids that just "loves" it when I take pictures...


I love this girl to pieces.  I think sometimes the best (and worst) part of getting married is getting additional family.  I was blessed - my in-laws are great people.  This young lady is my niece and a fabulous girl.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


You'll have to pardon my hideous appearance.  As one might be able to tell by the clouds behind us - the weather was slightly less than cooperative today. As a matter of fact, at this point we had already been through torrential downpours AND hail.  Awesomesauce.

Anyhoo, this here is my girl Adri :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I LOVE the people I've met through the dance studio!  Definitely a great decision on my part to step foot inside the doors of Dance Fusion!

Monday, May 7, 2012


LOOK!  I'm winning the race....


And again, the sibling of one of Meg's friends to the rescue!  I was so exhausted after my graduation celebrations that I almost forgot to get a picture!  Many thanks to Julia for helping me out!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yet another "crew" friend.  This young lady has helped me out a couple times and I greatly appreciate it!!!!!!!


So, my college education has been slightly less than traditional.  Ok, that's a stretch - it's totally and completely non-traditional.  Most of the people I have been in class with I will never meet.  A chosen few of them I am friends with on facebook.  Yesterday I had one of the greatest experiences of my life - I walked at graduation.  That was a huge milestone.  It was a bit scary as I was walking with a bunch of people that I did not know nor had I ever spoken to. 

Somewhere along the lines - probably about a year ago, I became friends on facebook with a girl from one of my classes.  I found out that she lives near me. Over the past year, I've gotten to know her through facebook.  Yesterday, I got to meet her - in person - for the first time.  I got to share my graduation experience with her and I have to tell you - IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!  Many thanks to the University of Phoenix, not only for helping me achieve a goal, but for giving me the opportunity to make friends along the way. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Bend and Snap - that's all I'm gonna say...


Yet another example of a mother of a child who became a friend somewhere along the way....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Everyone say hi to Cooper :)  I've been waiting FOR-EVER for this picture.  You actually met him once before on day 26.  He was a bit smaller then. Here he is now all big and perfect...

He looks a lot like his dad but he looks like his mom too and his big sister who has thus far been to shy to take a picture.  Congratulations to all!!!  Glad he's finally here!!!