Saturday, May 14, 2011

Will I survive?

Day 131

So, I know it's just suppose to be one picture per day, but this is justified because the pictures are blurry.  I know that many people question my choice of college.  I know that there are those that think my degree is not as valuable as "real" colleges.  I also know that there are those that think University of Phoenix is much easier than a traditional college.  

I beg to differ. I've been doing this for almost 3 years now.  By this time next year, I will have (finally) obtained my Bachelors.  Will I go on?  Undecided.  As of right now, HELL. NO.  For those that think U of P is easier...maybe you're right.  For those that believe that we do not do the same level of work....check this out...
Easy?  If you're a statistician or insanely brilliant, I suppose.  That's what I've been doing for the past five weeks.

How about this...
Look like fun?  If you can figure it out, please feel free to assist me.  

How about this one...
Yep, that's what I'm doing for the next 4 1/2 weeks.  Don't judge the school I choose to attend because you think it's less than worthy.  If you've tried traditional college and then switched to U of P and think it's less than worthy, that's one thing.  I can assure you, though, I do a LOT of homework.  I also do it with limited teaching.  Mostly, it's like college in the form of an independent study.  YOU try learning statistics - having never done it before, on your own.  THEN you can judge my school.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Grass is always greener...

Day 130

Girls are obsessive, emotional, semi-psychotic creatures.  We all tend to want something our friends have - I'm not talking the material stuff...that's human nature.  I'm talking about features.  This girl has better boobs. That one has bigger eyes. Her legs are longer.  Her body is better.  But, one of the age old jealousies comes back to hair.  Those of us with dead straight hair want the curly hair and those with naturally curly hair want straight.

I spent YEARS hating my hair because it was dead fricking straight.  I could put a whole can of hair spray on my hair and it would still be straight by the end of the night.  Today, I had to laugh at a friend of mine who straightens her hair every day.  I had no idea that her hair was actually curly.  This is the kind of hair I would have killed for as a kid...
It's a crappy picture, but she's got like ringlet curls in her hair.  It's BEAUTIFUL.  I have no clue why anyone would straighten it!!!  She then complained that she wished her hair was straight.  Grass is always greener on the other side, ya know?!

"lady" Gag(me)a

Day 129

I know not everyone has an American Idol fetish.  To be completely honest, my interest is fast fading.  That said, I still watch relatively religiously - although mostly so I can argue with my good friend, John.  The other night, the freakishly weird Marilyn Manson look alike "lady" Gaga was the "mentor."  Ok, that whole sentence was full of oxymorons.  (emphasis on the morons)  I digress...

So, as per the "norm" or at least the norm for her, Lady Gagmewithaspoon had some weird ass leotard and freakish shoes on along with some "special" make-up.  We, of course, discuss the show at work and this freakish display could not go undiscussed.  One of my fabulous co-workers decided to recreate the make-up...

I think it's hot.  What do you think?

Eye'm watching you...

Day 128

Sounds dumb, but I am fascinated with eyes.  Not fascinated like I want to "study" them, fascinated like I find them interesting.  I think you can tell a lot by people's eyes.  You can tell if they are happy or sad, drunk or sober, or even tired.  I am also fascinated with eye color.  Mine are (obviously) blue.  Meg and Phil's are a more brilliant blue than mine.  Jay's eyes are a mixture of a whole bunch of colors - sometimes they're blue, sometimes green, sometimes gray and sometimes even brown.  I don't have a favorite eye color.  I just love eyes :)  I know, I'm a nerd.

True Love

Day 127

I'm a sucker for romance.  I try to play the hard ass, but when it comes right down to it, I'm a hopeless romantic.  This....

melted my heart.

Go Fish!!!!!

Day 126

Every town/city/village has some quirky little thing going for them.  Even that godforsaken hateful town that I had the misfortune of spending 5 LONG years of my life in has something - the smiley face water tower.  Holt's makes me laugh, though. 

That would be a fish.  Best part?  It lights up.  I think - if I am correct - it is made out of old used laundry detergent bottles.  Cheesy?  Maybe, but I think it's cool.  You can find it here and there all over town - sometimes at the 9th grade campus, sometimes at the farmer's market.  It's just around.  I likey.

Good grief

Day 125

I've never been a big bumper sticker fan.  Yes, I have the window decals for my kids and their sports, but those are easily removed and I only put them on if I know my kid is going to stick with it.  So, I was following this car this other day...
I know you can't see the bumper sticker - and it's on the frickin window of all places but it said "I'm not speeding, I'm qualifying."  Ok, first of all, I'm not a Nascar fan so I think it's stupid on that level.  Second of all, though, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?  You're driving a four-door beat up 8 year old cavalier with a luggage carrier on the top.  Who the hell are you kidding?  That thing can't make it to 60 without a push.  

Then, when I drove by, it's some skeezy gross looking fat lady and her friend?  Oi, for real?

Bringin back the 80's

Day 124

I know I'm a nerd.  What.ever. I'm proud of it and damn good at it!  Last year for the dance recital, Meg's hair had to be crimped.  The child whined and complained the whole time I was putting itsy bitsy little braids in her hair to get it appropriately crimped.  I had to hear the grumping and groaning not once, but twice - once for dress rehearsal and once for the recital.  

I decided to get smart.  I sure as hell didn't want to go through that again.  She almost didn't survive last year.  So, 
YEAH BUDDY!  I sure did buy one.  I have to admit.  I like what crimping does for my hair.  (Mine was also done for the recital - minus the whining)  Anyhoo, of course, this year, the hair is not going to be crimped, but I don't regret buying this.  I LOVE it!!  It's fun and funky and weird and different and totally me.

Spring Sky

Day 123

I love spring.  We don't see much of it in Michigan.  We usually go from Winter to Summer.  For example, high of 45 degrees one day, 80 the next and then back to 40. Every now and then, though, we get a tiny bit of spring. I love the new buds and the smell of the flowers and the beautiful....

sky.  Yep, I think it's awesome!  I'm a bit of a dreamer.  I could lay outside and look at the sky for hours...I wish I had the time to do it more.  I love trying to figure out what the clouds look like and watching the sun shine through between them.  

Word Game: FAIL

Day 122

So, Phil and I play this word game on facebook called Wordscraper.  We have a good time with it - except he comes up with bullshit non-words.  But it's fun.  We usually have about 4 games going at a time.  While I refuse to say that I am smarter than he is - I'm certainly not stupid and I'm good with words.  By all rights, I should win the lion's share of the games.  Yeah, nope, doesn't happen that way.  

Anyhoo, we've been playing this for a few years.  As of late, facebook has been having some issues with some of their apps.  Let's see if you can find the problem here...
The damn shame is, he still won.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Day 121

There are times when my children are at each other's throats when I question why in the hell I ever had more than one.  Shoot, there are times when I question why I even had one.  Then again, there are times like these...

Yes, they are bundled up because they are cold.  BUT, I love the fact that they are bundled up together.  I know that they love each other.  I know that no matter what, they've got each other's backs, but I love those moments when they show how they feel.  I love that she goes to his baseball/football/basketball games and cheers him on.  I love that he goes to her track/cross country/soccer/basketball/dance games/meets/recitals and cheers her on.  Most of the time they do it without too much of an argument.

It's also moments like these when I wish that I had had that.  Don't take that wrong - I had an incredibly happy childhood.  I was (and still am) incredibly spoiled.  But the bond that these two have is something I could only dream of.  I am truly blessed to have three beautiful, intelligent, funny, sensitive, crazy kids.

Cold Pizza?

Day 120

So, when you think of cold pizza, you think of pizza that you ordered for dinner last night and that has been in the refrigerator over night, right?  Some of us heat it up and eat it for breakfast and others don't heat it up and just eat it for breakfast.  This, however, was a new one for me...

I happen to absolutely adore this young lady.  I think part of the reason I like her so much is because she's a bit of a nut (in a good way, of course).  HOWEVER, you may notice that it appears she has her arms tucked into her sweatshirt while she's munching on her pizza.  You might think that it's because her arms are cold.  If you think that, though, you are incorrect.  Her "issue" was that her pizza was cold.  Had I taken this picture about 2 seconds prior to this, you would have been able to see her face was almost buried in her sweatshirt to keep her pizza "warm."

*snicker*  Love ya, Abby!

It's the sMaLl ThInGs

Day 119

It's seriously just the small things in life that make me happy. I have my own cute little office at work.  I've had it for about a year now and I've been working to make it more "me."  So, I've got some hokey little things - play doh, family pictures, a farting teddy bear, my iDog on my desk, but I needed more.  My grandfather was kind enough to give me a painting of his to hang (which I love - thanks, Gramps!)

It still wasn't enough, though.  It wasn't homey.  Yes, I realize it's work and that sounds stupid.  But I spend 40 hours a week in that office - why not make it my own?!?  Well, much to my dismay, our neighbors moved to a different building.  (Miss you guys)  I was wandering through checking out how empty it was when I realized they had left behind a little sofa.  OMG!  They were going to throw it out.  I snagged that ugly little thing right up and shoved it in my office.  Yes, it's ugly as hell, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Um, no, that is not the farting teddy bear - that is the Christmas teddy bear that I couldn't be bothered to put away :)


Day 118

Right, so I'm kind of a freak about my hair.  I don't let just anybody touch it because well, I don't want it jacked up.  My "hair magician" did her job the other day and did fabulous yet again.  I had gone back to just plain old bland brown for a while because I thought that was what I wanted.  I've decided, though, that that is just not me.  I prefer shocking or striking.  So, I've got my kick ass hair back.  Thanks, Sal!

Darned Neighbors

Day 117

I'm glad Spring is here.  I like the green grass and the flowers and the birds and the smell of fresh cut grass.  Is there anything better then that smell?!  I love it.  What I do not love, however, is mowing the lawn.  What I like even less is that I have fabulous neighbors.  No, that's not sarcasm, that's the truth.  I have GREAT neighbors.  They are friendly and nice to my kids and they keep to themselves and don't bug the hell out of me or try to nose into my life.  They are also very good about keeping their yards looking nice, which I greatly appreciate...except when it means I have to do the same. 

It's been so damn rainy, the grass is growing like fricking crazy!  We've got the beginnings of a jungle in the backyard and the front yard was looking a bit rough.  I had been ok with the long grass because the neighbors on both sides hadn't mowed either...
And then those darned good neighbors had to do their thing....and now looky...I've got a jungle and theirs looks all pretty :(