Sunday, February 27, 2011

Now THAT makes for a good day...

Day 55

Spring is coming.  How do I know?  Because I always get the urge to play my guitar when spring is coming.  Today I dusted off the amp (sorta - as in with my sleeve) pulled out the Green Day book and decided to play.  I LOVE my guitar.  I did determine, however, that I am definitely lacking in the music department.  Technically, I can play just about any instrument and I can play them well.  TECHNICALLY.   Phil and I were talking about it though, and I wish in some ways I was more like him.  He sits down and just goes crazy.  It doesn't matter that he doesn't have a clue what he's playing or that sometimes it sounds less than stellar.  He just let's go.  It's like a loss of control - just let it fly.  Yeah, I am physically unable to do that.  It bugs the hell out of me.  I would love to be able to just forget all the technical bullshit and jam, but I can't.  It annoys me if I play a note that is off.  It bugs me if I'm off the beat even a tiny bit.  I don't like not knowing exactly what I'm doing.  In some ways, it's just like my life.  I know I'm a control freak.  I know I should probably let go a bit more.  That's hard, though.  I prefer the control.  So, along with having a great good time playing, I learned a bit about myself.  Not so sure it was anything I wanted to learn, but I did.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm NOT going to share it on facebook...

Day 54

I think it's just because she is so important to me that I feel the need to blog about her multiple times.  I promised I wouldn't share this on facebook.  I did, however, tell her it would be on my blog :)  We were hanging out today, my best friend and I.  We were suppose to be working and at this point, I believe she actually was.  Brian had just gotten home and was eating lunch.  Apparently, his lunch was quite foul smelling.  Of course, if you ask her, she says Brian and I were farting and that was what she was smelling.  I can assure you, I did not fart in the house - only in the garage.  Anyhoo, she felt the need to sit there and work with her nose shoved into her shirt for a good half hour. I was quite amused and therefore, absolutely HAD to take a picture. 

Love you, Triscuit :)

Sibling Love

Day 53

I grew up as an only child.  I was spoiled and loved and happy.  That said, I always wished for a brother or sister.  (Let this be a lesson to all of you who make wishes...I wished for A brother or sister and got 10 bazillion sisters and a couple brothers.  Be careful what you wish for *wink*)  Anyhoo, I didn't get my siblings until I was older.  So, I missed out on moments like the one below.  I walked in to say goodnight to my babies and this is how I found them....all curled up in Meg's bed.  She was reading and he was playing on her iPod.  They were so cute and content curled up next to each other.  I loved that.  The beauty of their togetherness.  The peacefulness of them just being together.  Don't be fooled, those moments are few and far between - and I treasure each and every one as I hope they do.


Day 52

On occasion, I have been accused of being a bit OCD.  I love M & M's.  They make me all happy and friendly.  I do, however, have a bit of a quirky way of eating them.  I have to sort them first by color.  I can only eat them in groups of two and I have to start with the color that has the least amount.  If there is an odd number in any color - I do not eat the odd one.  It's just not done.

I'm slightly unhappy with the above picture because as hard as I tried, I could not make each of the "m's" straight up and down as I wanted.  I agonized over this as I find it incredibly frustrating. I'm sure the one red and one blue M & M that were left behind were frustrated as well.


Day 51

So, there's some snacks that I ate all the time when I was younger that I don't eat now.  I don't know why I don't eat them now - probably because I forgot about them.  Cheeseballs used to be one of my favorite snacks.  As a matter of fact, I remember one stormy evening when my mother had parent-teacher conferences and I was home with our puppy.  Remember that night, mom?  Yep, Snigglefritz McGee and I hid behind the couch and snacked on cheeseballs to keep us from being scared out of our mind.  Well, I was still scared out of my mind, but that's beside the point.  It didn't end well as I recall.  One should not feed a puppy large amounts of cheeseballs, just fyi - she puked them all back up all over the floor.  Mom was pretty happy.

Anyhoo, some crazy fool brought in this mac-daddy tub of cheeseballs to work.  Then the fool just left them sitting there on the counter....right in plain site for the whole world to see.  I, of course, have very little self control and so I had to have some.  Needless to say, my keyboard ended up all cheesey, but I was one happy little camper...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WHAT THE F%$# IS THAT?!?!?!?!

Day 50

If you know me, you know that I LOVE to make people laugh. I don't care if they are laughing at me or something I've said or something I've done...I don't care.  I just like people to be happy and if making an ass of myself makes someone else laugh, FANTASTIC.  That said, I am also a fan of practical jokes.  The fart bomb in the office...oh yes, I did that.  The farting teddy bear...yeah, I did that too.  Today, though, I pulled another one that seriously made my day.

So, my good buddy, Larry - or Carri depending on the day - just LOVES Rod Stewart with all of her heart.  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration.  I think she would rather have hemorroids than have to listen to - let alone look at Rod Stewart.  SOOOOOO, today, Larry went to go get her car from the lot and while she was gone, I decided since she liked him so much that I would make her wallpaper on her computer something that she could "enjoy."  Please look below...
Seriously, who wouldn't want to look at that everyday?!  Ultra "sexy" don't you think??  Yeah, she loved it so much and is most pleased with me right now...

Warm and fuzzy....

Day 49

In case you were curious, this is the definition of warm and fuzzy...

I suppose you want to know what that is, eh?  It's a hat, you idiot.  DUH.  I have this fabulous sister that loves to knit - actually, she has a serious knitting problem and at some point, we're probably going to have to stage an intervention, but until that moment comes, I'm just going to reap the benefits of her knitting :)  I'm doing pretty good so far...I have some kick ass leg warmers and this stellar hat that keeps my big fat head incredibly warm.

I'm hoping for a sweater soon....*hint hint*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jamie, you already posted this pic...

Day 48

No, no, I sure did not already post this picture.  The previous picture of the buick covered in snow, I took on the day of the "blizzard."  This picture I took just an hour ago.  Yes, 2 days after our 50 degree weather, this is what the car looks like.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  Who pays that dumb ass groundhog anyways?!  Punknow-i-see-my-shadowsatawneynow-i-don't Phil, YOU my furry little beast friend and your handler, Mother Nature, can eat poo.  Well, you could have eaten poo had we not had the children clean it all out of the backyard the other day when we finally got to see the grass again.  NOW, you have to wait until all this damn snow - all frickin 6 or 7 inches of it PLUS the freezing drizzley shit that is now pouring down on top of it - melts.  Yep, you suck.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

wHat tHe hE...

Day 47
That, my friends, is a thing of beauty right there.  What is it?  Well, moron, what does it look like?!?!  It's water of course.  Well, water and soap and gawd knows what else.  The significance?  Eh, even though I heard we're suppose to get 7 inches of snow tomorrow, I realized today when I walked outside and couldn't find my car as it was brown and not gray, that I probably ought to do something about it.  Yeah, my car was THAT dirty.  My gray car - ha, nope, it was some kinda nasty ass dirty brownish?!  I've been talking about washing it for days.  I always had an excuse though, too cold, locks/windows will freeze, too warm, got better things to do, no point - just going to snow again, etc.  Today I managed to get past all of my stupid excuses and just went and ran it through a car wash.  AHHHHH, it's fabulous.  It's gray again AND I even got an air freshener.  Life is good.  Spring is coming (sometime within the next 2 months) and I feel na na na na na na....


Day 46

I freely admit that I am a picture freak.  I also freely admit that I rarely make a normal face for pictures.  Why?  I don't like how I look and therefore it's easier to hate a picture if I'm making a stupid face.  Whatever.  This isn't about me.  It's about them.  I love taking pictures of them.  I like pictures when they are sleeping and silly and playing sports and hanging with friends and reading books and playing outside and dancing get the point.  They grow up so fast.  Time is just flying by.  I don't want to miss anything.  I know I will and I know I already have - too much, but I can assure  you, I will make damn sure that I make it count.  Every moment that I can - somehow, I will make a memory for us.  This picture - this is a memory - of a day we were all together and goofin around waiting for Jay's team to play.  He didn't want his picture taken - hence we holding his head up.  Oh how I love them.  I will always be able to look back on this picture and smile.  My loves, my life.

I L.O.V.E. my bed...

Day 45

That right there....up that picture...that's MINE.  I LOVE my bed.  It's like my safe haven.  It's comfy and cozy and PERFECT.  It's just the right size and has those super-de-duper soft sheets (that don't match the comforter by the way - which drives me nuts) and it's just GREAT.  I know, none of you wanted to see my bed, but I don't much care.  I was so tired all day and couldn't think of even one place I wanted to be more than I wanted to be in my bed.  It's where I go when I'm sad, mad, sick, and of course tired.  Any other uses will be kept to myself, thank you.  Don't be nosy.  Anyhoo, I may have mentioned this, but I LOVE MY BED.

Nighty night.


Day 44
So, here's the thing.  I have absolutely NO reason to be bored...E.V.E.R.  I have two kids who are in every stinking sport imaginable.  I have a dog who is constantly getting into trouble - more than the kids.  I have homework from now until sometime in 2012 (unless I get a wild hair up my ass to keep going).  I have a husband that I could talk to or just spend time with AND I have a multitude of sisters in the general vicinity that I could visit anytime.  See, NO reason to be bored.  Yet here is where I found myself the other evening (as I'm a few days behind on picture posting).  An intelligent person might have picked up a book to read or even watched something dumb on television.  But, nooooo, I had to stare at facebook for an obnoxious amount of time.  Why is it that some of us are so damn obsessed with this?  Yes, it's great that we can chat with old "friends."  I have to admit it's been great for keeping up with my siblings.  There was life before facebook, though, wasn't there?!?!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You bought what?!?!?

Day 43

So, it's cute, right?  Of course, there's a story behind it.  This past summer while toodling around the neighborhood, Phil stopped at a garage sale.  No big deal, I love garage sales.  He tells me he bought a cute little shelf.  I looked at the thing, rolled my eyes and very "politely" asked "WTF am I suppose to do with that?"  (said with great disdain)  Now, let me point out that it was not refinished - he did that.  So when I first saw it, it didn't look like that.  It looked shabby and a bit stupid.  He tells me it's for the bathroom.  I, of course, stare at him like he's got a huge wart on his nose.  Where in the hell do you think that's going to go in the bathroom.  Obviously, he says it's for the corner.  At which point, I had to share with him (for the umpteenth time) that I want more counter space in there...DUH.

Right, so I burst his bubble basically.  He then spent a day refinishing this "stupid thing."  When I came home, it was sitting in the corner in the bathroom all cute and perfect.  Yep, I sure did have crow for dinner.  It's adorable.  He did a fantastic job on it and it fits perfectly in that corner.  I then had to add little things to the shelves to make it look more homey and I absolutely love it now.

Moral of the story - have a little faith in him sometimes...he can make good decisions.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's not called "gymNICEstics"

Day 42

We all experience things in our lives that change us, or better us as people.  I've had lots of those types of experiences.  One of the things that changed me the most and helped me realize just who I am, was coaching gymnastics.  6 years of my life I gave up for other people's kids.  I missed out on a lot of stuff my kids were doing, but I don't regret even a minute of it.  I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented children I've ever come across in my life.  It wasn't just that they were good at gymnastics, it was as little people, they were amazing!  There were nights that I didn't want to go to the gym because I was tired, but I would go and it never failed that those kids could make me feel so good.  There is nothing like those moments when they get a skill for the first time.  It's not their parents that they look at all giddy with excitement, it's their was me.  I miss my girls.  I miss that I am not there with them to watch them grown.  I miss the crazy hectic life.  I miss the competition.  I miss watching them succeed.  I miss the hugs and the tears.  I even miss those times when they told me they hated me.  Most of all, I hope they realize that I love them with all of my heart and they will forever be my babies.

This picture is from roughly 4 years ago.  The last pre-team ice-breaker party we had. 

This is real

Day 41

I know I'm a day behind and I did it purposely.  I was going to post this the other day and then forgot and then couldn't do it yesterday because what I have to say would have sounded stupid.  So, here it is...
I think for a long time I thought I would never find "the one."  I did.  I found my soulmate, my best friend, and the person who completes me.  That's not to say that our marriage is "perfect."  What marriage really is?  We argue.  We don't see eye to eye on everything.  The thing is, he loves me for who I am.  He worships the ground I walk on.  He would do anything for me.  I can tell him everything - I may not tell him everything, but I could if I wanted to.  He puts up with my psycho emotions.  He deals with my rants and he appreciates me.  I won't lie, there are times when I want to choke the life out of him - but to be fair, I'm sure he feels the same way about me.

I wish everyone could have what I have.  This is what love is - this is real.  This is what people spend lifetimes searching for, and I have it.  I love him with every inch of my being and can't imagine my life without him. 

What's he doing in the picture?  Showing off his sport jacket - mostly to bug the crap out of Meg and busting a move while he was at it.  Personally, I think the jacket looks just spectacular with the hat, don't you?

Monday, February 14, 2011

For the love of....BAKING!!!!

Day 40

I remember when I was growing up, I always got to help my mom and my grandma when they were baking.  And by help I mean, I got to lick the bowl or the spoons or the beaters or whatever was around.  I also got to help knead the dough (or shove some of that in mouth).  I try to carry on some of that same tradition with my kids...

The brownies were delicious by the way...and I guess if  you don't look too close, you might think my 9 year old has some facial hair ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Hair Magician Strikes Again!!!!!

Day 38

Do YOU go to a salon where you get dinner, drinks, singing and dancing along with killer hair?!?!?!  If not, you need to change stylists.  So maybe I'm giving her some free advertising, so what.  Here's the thing, I don't let just anybody touch my hair.  I LOVE my hair.  It's one of the few things about myself that I like.  I searched and searched for someone that I could trust to do what I want how I want.  Sallie does that.  Even when she thinks I'm crazy, she does what I want.  And on those days like today when I'm not entirely positive what I want - she works a miracle and makes my hair fabulous.  This picture doesn't do it justice as it looks purple.  It's really just a pretty brown and I LOVE usual.  Thanks, Sal!!!  Love you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Day 37

I have a love/hate relationship with this place.  Where?  U of M Medical Center.  Why?  Well, take a seat, this may take a minute.  I love this place because they saved my brother's life.  Not only did they save him, but they managed to keep him relatively intact.  He is afterall, the same old Chad.  Same adorable smile, great personality, all around good person.  There don't seem to be any adverse affects from the brain trauma - i.e. he didn't turn into an asshole or an over-emotional freak of nature.

I have to admit, when my sister, Toinette posted something about being a bit emotional when she went to the hospital the other day, I snickered a bit.  I felt like an ass on my way there today when I got a bit emotional in the car.  The first time I stepped foot in that hospital was Tuesday, August 31, 2010.  I had NO idea what I was going to walk into.  I knew my brother was alive, but I didn't know if he was going to live.  I had horrific images in my head of him all wrapped in gauze and totally unrecognizable.  Then there was the uncertainty of how the others would react to my presence.  Afterall, I did walk out on them.

Thankfully, other than having 10 bazillion tubes sticking out from every orifice possible, including his head and being bruised and battered, he still looked like Chad.  My sisters, welcomed me - embraced actually - with open arms.  They made me feel as though I had never been gone.  We all know I walked out - whether my reasons were good are debatable.  I thought I needed to.  Did I?  I don't know.

Anyway, I hate hospitals in general.  I definitely dislike the trauma unit - bad things happen there.  I hate that we had to be there.  I hate that Chad had to get hurt.  

Then I have to stop and think - if he hadn't gotten hurt would I have ever even begun rebuilding the relationships that are now slowly falling back into place? Would I feel apart of this beautiful family?  Would my children ever have met their aunts and uncles?  I wish that he had never gotten in the accident because I do not want him to feel pain.  But - without the accident, I firmly believe I wouldn't have what I have now.

The really funny part is, while talking to him tonight I told him, if it had been any of us girls, things would be different.  While none of us will boldly state we have a "favorite" sister or sibling.  I am pretty sure we would all freely admit to the fact that he holds a special place in all of our hearts.  He is the only boy and he happens to be the most amazing brother any girl could ask for - even a girl who chose to not be a part of his life for a few years.

I love all my siblings and am thankful for this blessing in disguise.  That said - I am truly tired of the hospital....and would prefer future visits be at someone's home!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Day 35

I've been pretty excited about this class I'm currently taking  It's "Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics."  Those of you that know my current work situation might have a small grasp on why I have been so geeked about taking this.  Anyhoo, this week, we had to take this behavioral self-assessment.  So, I did.  I answered all the questions honestly and got my results.  I read through and decided that, yeah, it's pretty much me - even the bad parts. 

The assignment is for our group and there's a paper due and blah blah blah.  There was a part after the assessment that caught my eye - it suggested that we have friends and co-workers do the assessment on us as well.  So, I shot off an email to 10 friends/relatives/co-workers and asked them to do it.  Here's where it gets interesting.  First, I don't get to see who says what - nor do I care.  I just get to see the end result.  The picture below is my graph with the results of those who have answered the questions.

The "S" is mine.  The "B" is the average of the little triangles.  The little triangles are friends/co-workers and the square is a classmate.  Obviously, this tweaked my interest just a bit as people see me different than I see myself.  Here's what each of the areas (that pertain to me) mean.

the need to control and the need to achieve. The D Styles are goal-oriented go-getters who are most comfortable when they are in charge of people and situations. They want to accomplish many things now, so they focus on no-nonsense approaches to bottom-line results.

The Dominance Styles seek expedience and are not afraid to bend the rules. They figure it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. The D Styles accept challenges, take authority, and plunge headfirst into solving problems. They take charge in a crisis. They are fast-paced, task-oriented, and work quickly and impressively by themselves, which means they become annoyed with delays. They are willing to challenge outdated thinking and ideas.

So, yeah, I can see that in myself.  How about you?

The Dominance Style (Ds) - which is the one that I assessed myself at - are driven by two governing needs:
The Interactive Style’s strengths are enthusiasm, charm, persuasiveness, and warmth. They are gifted in people skills and communication skills with individuals as well as groups. They are great influencers. They are idea-people and dreamers who excel at getting others excited about their vision. They are optimists with an abundance of charisma. These qualities help them influence people and build alliances to accomplish their goals.

Ok, so some of this I can see and I can definitely see why others might see me that way, but I don't think of myself as having an "abundance of charisma."

This is the one that throws me a bit -

The Cautious Style (Ci) - a friend or co-worker picked this one - are analytical, persistent, systematic people who enjoy problem solving. They are detail-oriented, which makes them more concerned with content than style. The C Styles are task-oriented people who enjoy perfecting processes and working toward tangible results. They are almost always in control of their emotions and may become uncomfortable around people who are very out-going, e.g., the Interactive Styles.
The Interactive Style (Ic) - which my friends apparently think I am - are friendly, enthusiastic "partyanimals" who like to be where the action is. They thrive on the admiration, acknowledgment, and compliments that come with being in the limelight. The I Styles just want to have fun. They are more relationship-oriented than task-oriented. They would rather "schmooze" with clients over lunch than work in the office.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Day 34

I love watching my kids in their various sports. With Megan we've come to know which teams play harder, which have the scarier kids, etc.  So, today was the Mason game.  Now, no offense to any of you Mason people, but damn you grown 'em BIG.  I'm not talking tall - no I'm talking abnormally semi-sumo sized big.  I understand that Holt's big rivalry is Grand Ledge, but this Holt/Mason basketball game thing has gotten pretty big.  I believe during Jr. Rams season we won in regular season and then lost to them in the tournament.  We've now played them 2 during regular 7th grade season and today was a heartbreaker.  At the beginning of the game, I was sure our girls were going to get stomped all over.  By the middle of the game I figured it would be a loss, but not a slaughter.  By the last 2 minutes of the game I wasn't sure who was going to win.  In the end, the score remained what it is in the picture and Mason won.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I H.A.T.E......


Ok, seriously.  So, we go to bed last night and everything is fine.  And before you ask - NO the dog did not decide to moonlight as a comcast technician last night.  Anyways, we get up this morning and the channels are buggin in and out.  Annoying. I got on the computer to check my facebook/email/school, etc. and of course, the internet is down. This certainly does not bode well for my husband and son as they want to watch the superbowl.  So, Phil called comcast.  Now, my first beef here is that when you call comcast, your call is transferred to India.  Mind you, the first phone call (which means that yes, there were multiple phone calls) was at about 8:00 this morning.  Phil gets Enuahgjilsah on the phone and is told that there is an "issue" in our area and they are working on it but they don't know when it will be fixed.  Fine. Phil and Jay toodle off to baseball evaluations and Megan and I watched movies.  I wasn't overly concerned as my homework is done for today so no big deal. 

Phil and Jay got home and of course, everything is still down. Sooooo, Phil called again.  He gets a female this time, Arigmklaesfdkjah, she tells him that it is NOT in fact an issue in our area that it's just us and for a small fee of $75 they will get a technician out to us sometime.  Here's the thing...we pay ungodly amounts of money for our comcast.  We've got a couple premium channels plus the internet.  Excessive?  A bit, but whatever.  No, we do not pay the extra $3 a month for them to come out for free when something goes wrong.  Why?  It's a matter of principle.  If I'm paying you $x per month for your services, why do I have to pay an additional $3 to ensure that we get GOOD service.  That's just utter horseshit.  My usually even-tempered husband got a little snippy with what's-her-stupid-name and hung up.  He then went out to verify that it was not a matter of the dog chewing the cable again. 

By this time it is roughly 12:00 p.m.  I am now annoyed.  So, I called.  That is never a good thing.  I got a guy, Muhamewklkjerah, who decides to tell me right off the bat that they will send a technician....blah blah blah.  I informed him I've already heard this song and dance and I want him to send a signal to my cable box NOW. While waiting for him to do this, he starts speaking again - supposedly in broken English, but it all sounded like gibberish to me at which point I had to firmly and (of course) rudely interrupt him and tell him to just send the damn signal.  He says he did and they will have to send a technician out which is when I made up my own gibberish and hung up.

Half hour later, Phil decides I should call again and have them send some idiot out. I laughed that he told me to call - since he also added in that I had to be nice.  HELLLOO?!??!  How long have we been married?  Do you know me??  Whatever, I called.  I got Shueklwrejlah (female) told her that I needed to have a technician sent out now. She said she would have to transfer my call.  10 minutes later, my phone call has been re-routed back to the US and I'm speaking to some normal guy named Kevin who was very nice (even if he did try to sell the stupid ass $3 thing again). 

I will give them that their technician was out here rather promptly and fixed the problem.  She was very polite and did her job well.  I'm still pissed off that I had to spend $75 for it.  Assholes.

Day 32.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Day 32

So, I stalk a bunch of profiles on facebook.  Don't act surprised - you should know me better than that.  I'm always enamored by these "edited" photos that people (mostly kids) put up.  Today, while wasting time and killing brain cells staring at the computer, I decided to check it out.  Unfortunately, I'm hooked.  I only edited 3 and I had a damned hard time picking one to use for this, but I finally settled on this one because it's beautiful.  (I would be a complete ass if I didn't mention that I did NOT take this picture...this was professionally taken by my best friend through her business - Trista Baker Photography.  You should definitely check her out for any and all photo needs.)  They are beautiful.  I didn't expect to truly gain another child when Phil and I got married.  I knew I was going to be a step-mom, but I didn't realize that I would love this child (man) as my own.  When I did realize how much I loved him, I didn't realize that I would adore his (then girlfriend) now wife as much as I do.  She and I both know our relationship started a bit rocky.  Funny how things change.

Anyhoo, these are my oldest children.  Beautiful, happy, healthy, and mine.  I realize I have to share them, but they are mine heart and soul.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Late to work again...

Day 31

Yep, sure was late to work again.  BUT this time I got up on time.  So why was I late?  Well, this is what it looked like after a full day of school...
But, when I left this morning, it was all kindsa curled and pretty!  She had a dance after school today - the "sweetheart dance."  She asked me last night if I would curl her hair. I, of course, said yes.  Anyways, it took longer than I planned, but it was worth it.  Unfortunately the dance was cancelled - snow days, no time to sell tickets, blah blah blah.  The thing is, though, I don't know how many more opportunities I will have to do these things with her.  I know she's growing up and I cherish those moments when she actually wants to spend time with me.  It didn't matter that we didn't talk a lot this morning, it was that time together - it was the fact that she asked me to do it. I HAD to do it - there will never be another 7th grade sweetheart dance for me to do her hair for.  Sure, there may be other 7th grade dances, but what's to say she's going to want my help for anything?  Sure, there will probably be a sweetheart dance next year, but again, what's to say she will want my help then?  The extra time this morning, curling her hair made getting to work 15 minutes late COMPLETELY worth it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guilty pleasures

Day 30

We all have them.  Most people, however, don't feel the need to admit it.  I don't have a problem laughing at myself, so I have no issue sharing it with the world.  I LOVE watching 90210 - YES the old one...the one from when I was in high school.  Why?  I have no idea, but I do.  I've seen every episode about a bazillion times and I make sure to watch the full 2 hours of reruns every weekday from Monday through Friday.  I didn't watch it in high school.  I, honestly, didn't start watching it until Megan was probably about a year old.  I got hooked then, though!  I still love the show now - and I still cry over some of the episodes.  And yes, Luke Perry was then and still is now a God.

My infatuation with the show probably has something to do with the fact that this group of fictional people was everything I wanted to be.  They had a great group of friends that spent time together.  They had fun, got into trouble, and grew up together.  I guess, in some ways, I probably lived vicariously through this show.  Probably still do to some extent.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Day 29

Yep, I'm SO lame, I had to do like everyone else on the frickin planet and take a picture with snow in it.  Why?  Because Lord knows none of us has ever seen snow before.  Especially those of us who live in Michigan...we NEVER see snow.  Really?  Idiot.  Whatever.  I took a couple pictures, but the one I have chosen for today, I chose only partially because of the snow.  The main reason I chose this picture is because if you look at it just right, it looks like a nose.  Yep, a great big snow nose with 2 incredibly large uneven nostrils.  THAT is why I chose this picture.  After all, I love a picture that can make me laugh.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Day 28?

Oh Yes, I sure am having one of THOSE days.  I know women quite often say men are the absolute worst when they are sick, but I would have to disagree.  Phil isn’t bad when he’s sick.  He’s so low maintenance that it’s nice when he’s sick that he will actually let me do things for him.  Me on the other hand…WHOA!!!!  I’m a frickin nightmare.  Today is no exception.  I have nothing more than a stupid little head cold.  I’m congested and have a sinus headache and just feel blah.  BUT when I feel blah, I’m whiney and bitchy, and even more emotional than normal.  So, all the little things that probably wouldn’t bother me too much most days are aggravating the hell out of me today.
All I want to do is go home and curl up in my bed or on the couch with my blankie and a pillow and a box of those soffy puffs plus Kleenexes close by and going to sleep.  Is this day over yet?